Lama Tours

Location: Oud Metha
Tel: 04 334 4330
Travel: Al Sayegh Building, Oud Metha Road
Times: Open daily 9am-9pm
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  • Nuruddin Lakhani May 09, 2013 07:46 pm
    Very poor service. Me, my wife, my brother and sister in-law went for the desert safari on Hatta dunes. The tour started with a sad guide who did not said a word in the whole trip. He only answered to the questions we asked. Seems that he had an fight with his wife. The dune ride was good followed by our photography. They later took us to the tent area for entertainment. Camel ride was good. But one of the worst part, we had an entertainer voucher for 30 min Quad bike for Lama. Buy one ticket and your guest rides for free. When we presented the voucher for one for one free. The guy did not recognized the voucher. he said he did not know about the voucher. He told me 80 AED for 30 mins per person. So I asked him to call the head office and ask about the voucher. He called someone and asked me to talk to that person directly from Head office. I was been told by the head office to pay 80AED per person for 1 hour. I told him I want to ride for 30 min only and I will pay 80AED for myself and my wife rides for free, as per the voucher. After long conversation, none of them agreed what was mentioned in the voucher. They basically just wanted more money, no matter we ride longer. So what is the use of paying AED 390 to Entertainer for getting these vouchers, when tour operators like Lama does not care either about their customers nor their contract with the Entertainer. Finally, the food served at the tent was delicious.
  • harpreet thiara May 23, 2011 09:27 am
    The company is very good, had a great time with my friends from the us, we booked it through the internet and got a good deal as well... highly recommended.
  • aleesha aurora Jan 12, 2011 03:23 pm
    Last monday organised a camp out party for 18 of my friends for my birthday. The Lama team were very well organised and helpful. The food, ambience, music and the rides were all very good, the driver i hope i have his name right...shiraj was exceptionally good. trip is highly recomended and well priced!
  • Mohamed El Sadeek Jan 01, 2011 07:43 am
    I would like to say that they are very poooooooor service, I went on their new year eve party and they promised free shisha and international DJ, and both didn't happen. They sold us the shisha for 50 DHS each, and the DJ played only Indian music. and when we asked for English music, they played only 70s music, and none was played. We made so many complaints and nothing happened. but in return, we have been treated in a very bad manors from the camp managers, camp boss and even the DJ. If you are running an international camp, then you should respect all tastes and nationalities in the place. And when you promise something, keep up to it. They even sold us Shawerma sandwiches since we arrived early in the camp.
  • P Manning Sep 22, 2009 11:31 am
    Went on their desert trip for Eid Al Fitr with kids - basic enough show which was good value for money - watch for guy selling beer as he swindled me stating I have him a 50aed when I gave him a 200aed note (he saw me struggling with currency prior to purchase 2 heineken) - the trip worth doing, once !

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