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Shooting stuff is cool – providing you do it in a safe environment and no one gets dead. Happily, there are plenty of places to do just this in the UAE Comments

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Guns might be harbingers of destruction, but they still have a dangerous allure to many. Luckily, for all the would-be gunslingers out there, there is a plethora of projectile-based action – from small-calibre handguns to shotguns – to be had here.

It’s worth noting, however, that the rules regarding ammunition and shooting ranges are always in flux, so it’s a good idea to ring ahead before you set off. Also, be aware that local laws may prohibit the taking of photographs while you’re at the gun ranges.

Range shooting
If you ever wanted to recreate the paper-destroying gun practice scenes from your favourite cop show, then rejoice.The UAE offers pistol-packing entertainment from three locations. Dubai’s Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa offers three 25m lanes for your shooting needs. Though it’s a little way out from Dubai and only has a small selection of pistols, it should more than suffice for beginners. The guns on offer come in two calibres: the teeny-tiny .22 rounds, useful if you’re inexperienced or worried about the strength of kickback from the gun, and the slightly more robust 9mm rounds for living out any Arnie fantasies. Abu Dhabi’s Caracal Shooting Club also offers .22 and 9mm rounds.

A far bigger selection is on offer at the excellent, though similarly out-of-the-way, Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club. Offering a variety of pistols, rifles and revolvers in .22, 9mm, .38 wadcutter and .38 magnum rounds, this really is a gun fan’s paradise. Of particular note are the laser-scoped .22 rifle, the 9mm pistols with stocks (useful if you have shaky hands) and the Dirty Harry-esque .38 magnum. Just resist the urge to clear your throat and say, ‘Do I feel lucky?’ – they’ve heard it all before.

Clay pigeon shooting
If shooting a defenceless paper target seems a bit unsporting, then you can always turn to clay pigeon shooting, where the clay discs at least have a chance to whiz past you and into the wild. Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa offer three different discflinging trap types, including the ‘Olympic’ voice-activated trap. There are also several ways of sending the clays, including varied aerial arcs and the ‘rabbit’, which rolls the disc along the ground at a speed to imitate a small, fast running critter.


Pursuit Games
Gun your way through 100,000 sq ft of floodlit playing field, with semi-automatic paintball guns and up to 40 combatants in the arena at any one time. Pursuit Games’ status as an institution among the city’s paint-pumping fanatics is justified – they’ve devised a horde of scenarios, incorporate regular night fighting events and have managed to forge a sociable atmosphere for encouraging those who want to go further into the game.

Aside from the usual team elimination games, capture the flag and splatterfest free-for-all matches, Pursuit Games has also gone a bit creative with some of its scenarios. We’re particularly taken with ‘Spy’, in which each player is given a secret number. A few minutes into the game, a horn is sounded and a number called. There is one player in each team with this number. They become spies and must turn on their team at the first given moment, with the objective to eliminate your own team and take ‘your flag’ to the opposition’s base.

Sharjah Paintball Park
So much of paintballing is about atmosphere. It’s no good kitting up with mask, khakis and weapon if you still feel like you’re running around a golf course. That’s where Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club’s paintball park excels. It’s got four huge fields, each with its own ambience: one dedicated ‘speedball’ field that incorporates inflatable obstacles to hide behind, and another with wooden obstacles. Then there’s the 5,000 sq m jungle field, which has been given the Rambo treatment with three bunkers, a crashed plane and one or two derelict jeeps to provide cover. Then move onto the savannah area, a 2,700 sq m area of scrubby desert and obstacles, designed to resemble something like a guerrilla warzone. While a diversity of scenarios is not the main attraction, we do like the sound of ‘Prison Break’, where teams try to break a comrade out of their opposition’s base and get them safely home.

The Sharjah Paintball Park hosted the Middle East’s largest paintballing tournament in 2009 and now intends to make the event an annual thing. If you think you’ve honed your skills enough, band some friends together, form a team and compete for cash prizes.
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So airsoft guns are not banned in Dubai? I've been checking a lot of forums but nobody knows exactly what is the situation with airsoft.

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can you pls help me with list of (10 meter) air rifle shooting clubs around dubai.

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