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Cycling clubs in Dubai

Where to buy a bike and meet fellow cyclists in Dubai

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Martial arts clubs in Dubai

Akido, karate, judo, hapkido and more ,artial arts to learn in Dubai

Fit Republik in Abu Dhabi

Inside the Middle East's largest fitness centre

39 great outdoor adventures in Dubai

Hiking, diving, surfing, camping, climbing and more adventures

13 sporty events in Dubai this week

Golf, polo, showjumping, bungee jumping, hula hoop workshop and more

Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

Congratulations to everybody who took part in Dubai's road race

14 sport events in Dubai this week

The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2015 and more sporty sights in the city

The Dubai Tour 2015

As the Emirate's leading cycle event rolls into town now is the time to get in the saddle

How to keep fit for free

5 exercises to try at home using potatoes, stairs and a couple of chairs

Kenenisa Bekele in Dubai

Ethiopian athletics legend on his plans to break a world record at the Dubai Marathon

13 best sporting events in Dubai this week

Filipino basketball, hula hoop workshop, parachute fitness and more

Sport events in Dubai this week

24-hour motorsport, carnival horse racing, cardio tennis and more things to do

Ultimate Frisbee in Dubai

Why Frisbee is more than just a toy

Get fit for less in Dubai

Want to keep trim without blowing the budget? Try these workouts

Best sport events in Dubai this week

Badminton, horse-racing, duathlon, camel racing, jogging and more

Festive weight control advice

Enjoy your season's eatings without piling on the pounds

Skydiving in Dubai

Take a skydive over Dubai for the ultimate in high-flying views

Parasailing in Dubai

High-flying thrills without the fear of falling off the Dubai coastline

Paragliding in Dubai

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Not it's a motorised flight machine over Dubai

Hot air balloon flights in Dubai

Take a hot air balloon ride in Dubai for amazing memories, photos and views



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