Wild Wadi may not have sharks on the prowl (unless you count the beady-eyed groups of male water flumers), but it does have a permanent, perfect wave for aspiring surfers. The flowrider is unique in the city (and rare anywhere in the world), and shoots a flat, wide stream of water up a wave-shaped slope, forming a perfect bit of surf for Point Break-ers in making.

The queue here can be off-putting, particularly given that most folk end up separated from their board after a few short seconds, but it is fun. The Jumeirah Sceirah, while not plunging through a shark tank, does have a few metres in height advantage over its fancy new rival on The Palm, equally long queues, and an equually intimidating drop. While the fall feels less vertical, you go down at enough of a pace to find your trunks (or bikini bums) have edged somewhat further north than they where they started a few seconds before.

Otherwise, the concept is pretty similar to Aquaventure. The Master Blaster involves sitting in a ring and being bounced uphill on a series of mini water jets. There are eight different slides on the way down and around. There is also a massive wave machine, and a leisurely route, Juha's Journey, which is gentle enough for toddlers (so long as there is a parent in tow).

Wild Wadi doesn't quite have the vast size of Aquaventure, so the space between rides can feel somewhat cramped (and the whiff of naked feet a bit more prominent), but slide for slide it matches up well. Visiting mid-week, during the day and outside of school holidays makes it a much more pleasurable experience.