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4x4 Beach Jumeirah
Aikido Club Dubai Jumeirah Combat Martial arts
Al Boom Diving Jumeirah Diving
AWE Kitesurfing Jumeirah Kitesurfing
Basketball Academy of Dubai

Club orgainising indoor and outdoor games for all abilities

Jumeirah Basketball
Bu Qtair Beach Jumeirah
Club Mina @ Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Jumeirah Banana boating Martial arts Swimming Wakeboarding Waterskiing
Crossfit Jumeirah Extreme sports
Dubai Aikido Club

Akido lessons and practice at the Dubai Karate Centre

Jumeirah Martial arts
Dubai Dawn Patrol Dragon Boating Jumeirah Dragon boating Watersports
Dubai Fencing Club Jumeirah Fencing
Dubai Hockey Club

Mixed age and standard hockey club based at a Jumeirah school

Jumeirah Hockey
Dubai Karate Centre Jumeirah Combat Martial arts
Dubai Kendo Club Jumeirah Combat
Dubai Kite Club

Watersports meet parachuting on a beach in Jumeirah

Jumeirah Kitesurfing
Dubai Ladies Club

Multi-purpose sports and leisure venue for women in Jumeirah

Jumeirah Martial arts
Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa Jumeirah
Dubai Paddling School Jumeirah
Dubai Road Runners Jumeirah Running
Duco Maritime Jumeirah Kitesurfing
Dukite Jumeirah Kitesurfing
Duplays Jumeirah
Duplays Jumeirah Rugby & Gaelic
Duplays Jumeirah
Engine Health & Fitness Jumeirah


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