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Men from the Boys book review

When Harry Silver got dumped by his beautiful wife, Gina, and confessed his weaknesses, fears and insecurities in the first part of Parsons’s Boys trilogy

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RSVP book review

Many dismiss glamour fiction as ‘Jackie Collins-esque’ and label it throwaway (at best)

The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim book review

There’s no lonelier place to be than alone in a crowd

What the Dog Saw book review

The dazzling slabs of journalism that comprise this anthology are largely concerned with the anatomy of human error

Beatrice and Virgil book review

Having had great success with one animal fable, 2002’s Booker Prize-winning Life of Pi, Martel has gone one better

Flipnosis – The Art of Split-Second Persuasion book review

After reading social influence expert Dutton’s intriguing debut, the use of powerful persuasion techniques becomes apparent everywhere

Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years book review

Rather like the character himself, the past few Adrian Mole offerings from Townsend have never quite lived up to expectations

Light Boxes book review

Carefully crafted, precious and a little bit magical, Light Boxes is like a porcelain doll

Stevie Wonder book review

From ‘I Was Made to Love Her’ through to ‘A Time for Love’, Stevie Wonder’s lyrical oeuvre is as unreliable as any at giving up personal detail

In-Flight Entertainment book review

Months, years even, go by and you may not read a short story collection

The Pregnant Widow book review

For all its ambition and verbal pyrotechnics, Amis’s The Pregnant Widow is basically a book about boys and girls

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet book review

No, Dubai did not invent novelty-shaped man-made islands

War book review

Junger’s book about his time embedded with a US battalion in Afghanistan’s dangerous Korengal Valley

The Ice Age book review

A coming-of-age tale about two people on a road trip to nowhere

Black Hills book review

Whatever Simmons’s faults as a writer, you can’t knock his ambition

So Much for That Lionel Shriver book review

Reading Lionel Shriver’s latest novel feels like being caught in the middle of a guerrilla war

The Eerie Silence Paul Davies book review

This book’s subtitle is a question we love to ask: are we alone in the universe?

Solar book review

It’s difficult to pinpoint just when an author’s thematic obsessions begin to resemble easy formula

The Bridge book review

Readers of David Remnick’s new biography will run the risk of some slight Obama fatigue

Seeing Further: The Story of Science & the Royal Society book review

The Royal Society’s contributions to the world include the invention of scientific publishing, the creation of the bank holiday and the unveiling of the microscopic world


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