Thu 17
Cutty Sark: Out of the Ashes
4.10pm, History Channel
The iconic landmark, formerly on show in Greenwich in London, was recently damaged bae can be saved.

Chasing Classic Cars
9.55pm, Discovery HD Showcase
Two classic Jaguars are up for auction in Connecticut. But how high will the bidding go?

Love Bites
3.55pm, MGM
Pop star Adam Ant plays a 300-year-old vampire who attempts to become mortal by falling in love.

Never Been Kissed
5pm, Fox Movies
Drew Barrymore is a geeky undercover journalist who enrols in her old high school to get a big story, but the experience soon helps her to discover some home truths.

The A-Team
9.15am, MBC Action
Classic ’80s action capers from the four ex-army renegades. Framed for a crime they didn’t commit, they help to save people while on the run.

American Idol
9pm, America Plus
The judges are still whittling down the potential stars from a bunch of wannabes in the latest episode of the talent show.

National Hockey League
11.30pm, Fox Sports
Plenty of fast-paced action from the US ice hockey league, one of America’s most beloved games.

Fri 18
Hackers: Outlaws and Angels
7pm, Investigation Discovery
They’re the thieves we never see, but they target large corporations daily and often cause untold damage. Find out how computer security experts are trained to spot hackers.

Fifth Gear
10pm, Discovery Channel
Ever wondered what it’s like to drive the Ferrari 458 Italia? The team test-drive it tonight, along with a Smart car and a bunch of hatchbacks.

Snake Eyes
6.30pm, Showmovies Action
Nicolas Cage stars in this tense thriller. An assassination takes place in a casino boxing ring, and forensic experts must try to piece the murder together.

Midnight, Fox Movies
A film with soul, based on the story of Diana Ross and the Supremes, about a band who make it big in the ’60s. Stars Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé.

4pm, OSN Series
The forensic team discovers remains that relate to a biblical text, but the list of suspects is huge.

Doctor Who
11.15pm, America Plus
The Doctor and co are stuck on an out-of-control spaceship and have just 42 minutes to save themselves.

The Big Ten’s Best
4pm, Fox Sports
Watch the NBA Draft Picks today, featuring some of the most promising college players who’ll get a shot at the big time.

Sat 19
Animal Autopsy
4pm, Nat Geo Wild
Under the knife on today’s show is a giraffe. Learn about the biology of these fascinating animals and how they’ve evolved.

Ultimate Survival
9.05pm, Discovery Channel
Bear Grylls chows down on scorpions in a Vietnamese jungle and encounters deadly snakes and blood-sucking leeches.

5.30pm, OSN Movies
Disaster strikes following a prophecy in the Mayan calendar. As a huge tidal wave threatens to engulf the world, people try to flee to the highlands of China.

Star Trek
10pm, Showmovies Action
A full-length feature film from 2009 based on the epic sci-fi series, where James T Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members meet hostiles in space.

How I Met Your Mother
3.30pm, OSN Series
Ted tells the story of how he met his children’s mother. In today’s show, Lily is furious when Ted brings a date to her birthday dinner.

9pm, America Plus
Hardball gym teacher Sue joins in the Glee spirit tonight as she starts a tribute band.

Live Super 15s Rugby
7pm, Showsports 2
The Sharks battle it out against the Cheetahs in the hottest rugby union match of the moment.

Sun 20
Ride To Adventure
11.10pm, Outdoor Channel
Get some off-roading tips tonight as the team cruise through California.

Bondi Rescue
11.30pm, Nat Geo Adventure
The beach is closed when an unusual cylinder is found in the water.

9pm, Showmovies
Award-winning, heart-wrenching story about an overweight, illiterate teen who is pregnant by her father for the second time.

10pm, Showmovies Action
Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt follow a murderer who kills his victims on the basis of their sins. Expect graphic scenes.

1pm Fox Series
Surgeons Sean McNamara and Christian Troy delve into the seedy, amusing and interesting aspects of plastic surgery in Miami.

9pm, Showseries
Back at the fat camp, it’s parents’ weekend but Will’s parents don’t show up, and Amber’s mum brings food into the camp.

Live Welsh Open Snooker
5.30pm, Showsports 3
Get ready for a nail-biting final as the top two players go for gold in Newport, Wales.

Mon 21
Extreme Fishing
10.55pm, Discovery Channel
Actor Robson Green also happens to be an avid fisherman. He takes us on his adventures around the globe.

11.10pm, Nat Geo Wild
Tim Carney went missing on his way to church in 2004. The 25-year-old’s car was found at the airport, yet his whereabouts are still unknown.

Blue Crush
4pm, OSN Movies
A surfer chick (played by Kate Bosworth) gets one stab at hitting the big time in the Pipe Masters Hawaii surf contest.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
7pm, Showmovies
A bachelor’s past catches up with him as he starts seeing ex-lovers who point out his faults.

6.10pm, MBC Action
Action woman Nikita saves a journalist in danger when he tries to expose a conspiracy.

Sons of Anarchy
11pm, America Plus
The outlaw motorcycle club in northern California takes extreme measures to get weapons for a customer.

UFC: The Ultimate Fighter Season 12
11pm, Showsports 4
A group of 16 budding MMA stars compete for one dream: to fight in a UFC event.

Tue 22
Chasing Cars
9.55pm, Discovery HD Showcase
It’s amazing the number of cars that are just sitting in the countryside, hidden from public view.

LA Ink
10.55pm, Discovery Channel
Tonight the tattooists put their mark on shoes and meet America’s top female rally car driver.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
7pm, Showmovies
See Dick Van Dyke at his best in this classic kids’ musical about a magical flying car.

Jeepers Creepers
8pm, Fox Movies
On the way home from spring break, a brother and sister come across a flesh-eating creature in this teen horror flick.

10pm, OSN Comedy
It’s school Olympics day in the US version of this edgy sitcom, which documents the lives of a group of teachers at a school in New Jersey.

11.30pm, OSN Comedy
A school basketball coach turns to his crown jewels to help him make money.

Super League Rugby
10.30pm, Showsports 2
The European rugby league championship heats up. Will Wigan Warriors retain their crown this year?

Wed 23
Time Warp
10pm, Discovery Channel
The nifty slow-motion cameras show us how deadly snakes and sumo wrestlers move.

World Wild Vet
11.05pm, Animal Planet
The team searches for endangered animals in Bwindi forest in Uganda, where they find mountain gorillas.

Boy A
8pm, Fox Movies
Jack is released from jail after serving time for a murder he committed as a child.

Midnight, TCM
The 1986 version of the movie, where Oliver Reed hunts for a woman to live with him for a whole year on a deserted island. Sounds like paradise? Think again.

Cold Case
3pm, OSN Series
The team reopen a case about a 12-year-old boy who mysteriously died in 1969, and find a toy rocket bearing the boy’s name.

7pm, Showseries
Expect more drama from the village in Yorkshire in the latest episode of this long-running UK soap.

IRB Rugby Sevens
11pm, Showsports 3
Catch a thrilling game of cat and mouse with the top teams from around the world.