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Sat 19

Animal Autopsy
4pm, Nat Geo Wild
Under the knife on today’s show is a giraffe. Learn about the biology of these fascinating animals and how they’ve evolved.

Ultimate Survival
9.05pm, Discovery Channel
Bear Grylls chows down on scorpions in a Vietnamese jungle and encounters deadly snakes and blood-sucking leeches.

5.30pm, OSN Movies
Disaster strikes following a prophecy in the Mayan calendar. As a huge tidal wave threatens to engulf the world, people try to flee to the highlands of China.

Star Trek
10pm, Showmovies Action
A full-length feature film from 2009 based on the epic sci-fi series, where James T Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members meet hostiles in space.

How I Met Your Mother
3.30pm, OSN Series
Ted tells the story of how he met his children’s mother. In today’s show, Lily is furious when Ted brings a date to her birthday dinner.

9pm, America Plus
Hardball gym teacher Sue joins in the Glee spirit tonight as she starts a tribute band.

Live Super 15s Rugby
7pm, Showsports 2
The Sharks battle it out against the Cheetahs in the hottest rugby union match of the moment.

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