Thu 2
Real Emergency Calls
A man’s heart stops beating 60 times. Find out how he managed to contact the emergency services.
3.35pm, Investigation Discovery

Globe Trekker
The team embarks on a journey to the US and Washington DC to visit some of the city’s most famous landmarks.
8pm, Travel Channel

Kate & Leopold
An English baron needs to marry a rich woman to save his family’s name. Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman star.
2pm, Fox Movies Premiere

The Time Traveller’s Wife (Editor’s pick)
Based on the best-selling novel, a perfect couple has an unusual problem – he can travel through time. Will they make it work?
8pm, OSN Premiere

America’s favourite musical comedy drama follows the ups and downs of the McKinley High choir.
10am, Fox

The Simpsons
This show about a yellow cartoon family is now in its 20th season. Watch another classic episode tonight.
2.30pm, OSN Comedy

Modern Pentathlon Series
Watch the best in shooting, swimming, horse riding, fencing and running.
4pm, OSN Sports 4

Fri 3
The Gadget Show
The gadget lovers face a number of challenges today. They pit themselves against experts in particular fields, starting with the SAS.
8.30pm, Discovery Science

Big Five Challenge
Tonight’s show is set in the heart of Zimbabwe, where the team aim to track and photograph a group of leopards.
10pm, Animal Planet

John Tucker Must Die
High-school rom-com with Jesse Metcalfe. A serial cheater gets his comeuppance as his ex-girlfriends set him up to get his heart broken.
9am, Fox Movies

Cheaper by the Dozen
Watch a father of 12 (played by Steve Martin) try to cope when his wife is away.
8pm, Fox Movies

Yes Dear
US sitcom about family life. Greg and Kim try to solve their problems, while their in-laws cause havoc around the house.
Noon, OSN Comedy 2

Hope & Faith
The sisters are at loggerheads again. In tonight’s episode, Faith hosts a celebratory holiday dinner.
1pm, OSN Comedy

Alpine Adventure
Tune in to see the team take on some of the toughest, most spectacular climbs and treks in the world.
9.30pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Sat 4
Strike Force
Buckle up as the show embarks on a shark adventure, in which you’ll find out how these perfect killing machines live.
3pm, Nat Geo Wild

Ultimate Survival
Blankets at the ready: tonight you’ll be able to witness one of the coldest, most remote places in North America.
8.05pm, Discovery Channel

The Bounty Hunter
Comedy flick with Gerard Butler as a bounty hunter who realises his ex-wife is the next on the list. Can he manage to bring her in?
9am, OSN Movies HD

Spy Kids
These kids wear cool spy gear, fight off bad guys and have a great adventure. Guaranteed to keep under 12s entertained.
4pm, Fox Movies

One Tree Hill
Dan and Rachel’s history comes back to bite them in this popular teen drama.
10am, OSN Comedy +2

8 Simple Rules

More comedy from the Hennessy household as they recreate one of Cate’s first holiday memories, to keep CJ from spending Christmas alone in Las Vegas.
1pm, OSN Comedy

Houston Livestock Show is the world’s largest livestock exhibition, full of horse-riding action.
10.30pm, Fox Sports HD

Sun 5
Mighty Ships
The documentary crew spends four days aboard the USS Nimitz, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.
7.30pm, Discovery Science

Banged Up Abroad
More stories about people getting arrested and ending up in jail while travelling overseas.
8.30pm, Nat Geo Adventure

The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Hillary Duff stars as a character who celebrates her graduation with a trip to Rome.
1pm, OSN Cinema

Couples Retreat
Four couples go on holiday in an attempt to rekindle their romance, but find themselves engaging in a bizarre set of tasks.
9pm, OSN Movies HD+2

How I Met Your Mother
Stay tuned – we’re close to discovering who the ‘mother’ is.
10am, OSN Comedy+2

According to Jim
Jim (Jim Belushi) is an untidy guy, and it annoys his wife no end. Will he let his kids act like him, or will his wife step in?
2pm, Fox

Ed’s Up
Canadian rocker and Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson undertakes more dangerous tasks. Will he survive the ordeal?
4.55pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Mon 6
Murder Shift
A murder takes place in a Spanish neighbourhood, and communication is a problem for the detectives. Can the perpetrator be traced?
5pm, Investigation Discovery

Peek into the future with these technological inventions.
9.10pm, Discovery HD Showcase

A Knight’s Tale
Inspired by The Canterbury Tales, a poor peasant becomes a knight. Stars Heath Ledger.
3.45pm, OSN Action HD

She’s Out of my League
Joe meets the woman of his dreams in this rom-com. The only problem is that he thinks she’s too good for him. Is she?
8.30pm, OSN Movies

Law & Order
The investigation team is back with a new case, plenty of suspects and more hidden secrets.
2pm, OSN First

Two and a Half Men
In tonight’s show, Alan goes to great lengths to buy Lyndsey a birthday gift.
5pm, OSN Comedy 2

Winter Dew Tour ’09/’10
Follow the world’s greatest freeski and snowboard stars in the world.
6pm, Extreme Sports

Tue 7
Snake Paradise
The search is on to find the planet’s rarest and deadliest snakes.
1pm, Nat Geo Wild

Riding Route 66
Henry Cole continues on his Harley Davidson, but rain turns to mud and he soon runs into difficulties.
6pm, Travel Channel

Fun-filled animation for kids, with the voice of Owen Wilson.
1.45pm, OSN Movies Kids

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
Matthew McConaughey is haunted by ex-girlfriends at his brother’s wedding, where they teach him a thing or two about relationships.
5pm, OSN Movies

Ugly Betty
Betty Suarez shows everyone at the high-end magazine what it’s like to have beauty on the inside.
5pm, Fox

Novelist Richard Castle and detective Kate Beckett meet ex-cons and escorts while investigating a murder.
9pm, Fox

Prize Fighter
Eight heavyweight champions have trained relentlessly for the battle of their careers. Which fighter will get their hands on the coveted title?
6pm, OSN Sports 4

Wed 8
Breed All About It
This week’s canine extravaganza offers a peek into the lifestyle of a new breed.
6.20pm, Animal Planet

Animal Impact
The team investigates how animals survive in grasslands.
8pm, Nat Geo Wild

Enemy of the State
A lawyer (Will Smith) becomes the target of a corrupt politician when he accidentally receives evidence from a politically motivated crime.
1pm, OSN Action HD

8 Mile
Hard-hitting drama set in Detroit, mirroring the life of (and starring) rapper Eminem.
10pm, OSN Movies Action

Dharma & Greg
Sitcom about a couple who married on their first date. Dharma suspects George is plotting to undermine Larry’s success.
5pm, OSN Comedy

Scrubs (Editor’s pick)
Join the medical interns for more drama and plenty of comedy on the Emmy-winning show.
2.30pm, Fox

PGA European Tour Highlights
The best bits from the latest games on the European golf tour.
9.30pm, OSN Sports 2