Thu 9
Globe Trekker
This week the explorers head to the cultural souks of two distinctly different Islamic countries.
8pm, Travel Channel

FBI Case Files
A lawyer and judge lose their lives in the fight for justice. Should we blame the justice system? The debate continues.
10.10pm, Investigation Discovery

Bad Girls
Four women set out on an unlikely adventure in the Wild West, involving a bank robbery and shootouts.
5.15pm, OSN Action HD

A true story about the life of legendary pilot Amelia Earhart, starring Hilary Swank.
9pm, OSN Premiere 2

Doctor Who
The Doctor comes up against more aliens in the beloved sci-fi television series.
8.05pm, BBC Entertainment

A family becomes entangled in illegal activities when the mother starts selling herbal substances to support her kids.
11.30pm, OSN Comedy

Modern Pentathlon Series
More shooting, swimming, horse riding, fencing and running tonight from the World Cup Series.
3pm, OSN Sports 4

Fri 10
Journey into Amazonia
Home to millions of species, the Amazon is full of exotic creatures, but tune in this evening to see the animals that live 30 metres above the forest floor.
5pm, Nat Geo Wild

Serial Killers
Documentary narrating the story of 15 brutal murders committed by a serial killer.
11pm, Investigation Discovery

Paranormal Activity
Be prepared for some sleepless nights – this documentary-style horror film will leave you petrified for days.
Midnight, OSN Cinema

Cute DreamWorks animation. Four animals from New York Central Zoo escape and find themselves on an African island.
10pm, Fox Movies

Will & Grace
Tonight the friends set sail to the Caribbean, unaware that they have a stowaway on board.
4.30pm, OSN Comedy 2

US sitcom set in an Indian office. Jerry is off partying, while Charlie gets into a spot of bother when he defaces a sacred statue in India.
10pm, OSN Comedy 2

Live ATP Tennis: Aegon Championships
Live coverage of the annual grass-court competition held at Queens, in London’s West Kensington. Will last year’s surprise winner, Sam Querrey, retain his singles title?
9.30pm, OSN Sports 3

Sat 11
At the foot of the Indian Himalayas, Christophe Cousin goes in search of the Changthang nomads of the Rupshu region.
4pm, Nat Geo Adventure

How Stuff Works
Find out what goes into making one of the most important things we use every day: money. How do they make it so hard to copy?
6.50pm, Discovery Science

Fast & Furious
Action drama starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, who immerse themselves in a Los Angeles street racing ring.
6pm, OSN Movies Action

102 Dalmatians
The follow-up to the Disney classic. Cruella de Vil (Glenn Close) gets out of prison and begins to terrorise the puppies once more.
8.15pm, OSN Movies

CSI New York
The internet can be a great place to socialise, but at times things can go very wrong. Watch the CSI team as they deal with internet fraud tonight.
9pm, OSN First

Modern Family
Mockumentary about the story of three very different families living in suburban America and the daily quirks they endure.
10pm, Fox

NHL Playoffs
Catch all the action from the world of ice hockey with teams from across the US and Canada, including NY Rangers and Colorado.
9pm, Fox Sports

Sun 12
Danger Coast
The residents of Miami are in danger. Can the Miami Marine Operations Bureau battle against all odds to save the public?
8.40pm, Discovery Channel

Animal Impact
Take a look at some amazing moments in animal history, hidden within the jungle.
11pm, Nat Geo Wild

Unbreakable (Editor's pick)
Supernatural suspense thriller starring Bruce Willis, who discovers he is a modern-day superhero.
6pm, OSN Movies Action

Dance Flick
Comedy drama mocking the formulaic dance musical genre and films such as Save the Last Dance.
11pm, OSN Movies Comedy

Tonight on the medical comedy, a Croatian doctor joins the team, and JD starts getting blackouts.
3.30pm, Fox

Grey’s Anatomy
Cristina gets to be the first doc to perform solo surgery, but she has to relinquish it and choose her replacement.
6.30pm, OSN First

Lucas Oil Motorsports Hour
In one hour you’ll see a huge range of racing, from off-road to sprint drag contests and even drag boats.
3pm, Fox Sports

Mon 13
Real Emergency Calls
In tonight’s amazing story, a kidnapped woman manages to contact the emergency services from the boot of her car.
8.55pm, Investigation Discovery

Chasing Classic Cars
A 1972 Ferrari Daytona is on sale, with just 48 hours to seal the deal.
9.20pm, Discovery HD Showcase

Treasure Island
Animated version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, where Jim Hawkins battles Long John Silver.
5.15pm, OSN Movies Kids

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are on board a booby-trapped bus. If the bus slows down, a bomb will go off.
8.45pm, OSN Movies Action

Rita Rocks
Sitcom following a hard-working mum. Tonight, teenager Hallie moves in to the loft to put some space between her and the baby.
7pm, OSN Comedy

The Closer
LA crime drama. The squad must find out why a nanny disappeared and whether the mayor is involved.
9pm, OSN First 2

Major League Soccer
Action from the professional soccer league in the United States and Canada. Will FC Dallas stay on top?
8pm, Fox Sports

Tue 14
Think Green
The timber industry in Peru is changing. How is this affecting the indigenous people?
9pm, Travel Channel

This episode focuses on futuristic ships that could change the face of water transportation.
10.10pm, Discovery HD Showcase

Friday the 13th
A remake of the horror classic. A group of college kids go to party at Crystal Lake – little do they know it’s home to a serial killer.
9pm, OSN Action HD

The Last Samurai
Tom Cruise plays a military expert who is captured by Samurai warriors.
Midnight, Fox Movies

Hope and Faith
Will Hope go along with her sister Faith’s schemes? Find out when they enter a fashion show together.
7.30pm, OSN Comedy

Novelist Richard Castle and detective Kate Beckett reveal hidden facts about their new case.
10pm, Fox

Snowboards at the ready: we’re off to the peaks of western Canada to speed down some fine slopes, then it’s over to the beach for some surfing.
3.45pm, Extreme Sports Channel

Wed 15
FBI Files
Find out how the FBI gathers, preserves and stores fascinating evidence in its giant laboratories.
6.50pm, Investigation Discovery

Planet Wild
Learn the remarkable habits and never-before-seen behaviour of the hummingbird.
7.45pm, Animal Planet

Batman: Under the Red Hood
The eighth film in the animated series, this direct-to-video flick sees the Joker plotting to take over Gotham City once again.
Noon, OSN Cinema

Set in Africa during early World War II, this epic love story has made cinema history.
9.20pm, TCM

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
A new raft of celebrities sit on the sofa to chat to Jay.
8pm, OSN Comedy

Glee (Editor's pick)
Will suspects Sue is up to no good again, so he plots to find out if she’s leaking info about his glee club to the competition.
10pm, Fox

PGA European Tour Highlights
All the action as the world’s top golfers go head to head.
9.30pm, OSN Sports 2