Review: Kikoriki - Déjà Vu

A solid story with lots of humour

Review: Kikoriki - Déjà Vu

Adapted from the popular Russian animation series, Kikoriki: Déjà Vu is a fun watch for kids aged six to 12 years old.

Kikoriki’s world is vibrant, filled with fun adventures and real-life situations that young one scan learn a lot from. Led by the restless Krash, the movie tells the story of a birthday gone wrong.

When he decides to organise an unforgettable party for Barry, he contacts Déjà Vu agency, which promises their clients incredible voyages through time. But a promise is – well – just that.

When Krash’s carelessness leaves the Kikoriki group scattered across time, he has to find and retrieve his friends from different periods of history. Of course, this is not easy task. Hence, he enlists the help of his future self, the older and grumpier Shark, who appears because of the space-time continuum. Bummer.

Kikoriki: Déjà Vu is a series-turned-film that’s filled with laughter, blasts from the past and plenty of good messages for young ones. We seldom say this, but in this particular occasion, the movie has actually added to the series, bringing the best of crazy Krash’s world to the big screen. Kids will love the spontaneity of this one.

A solid story with lots of humour

Krash and his friends are funny, and in a very good way

Denis Chernov

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