Metro guide: Business Bay

We take a look at the latest metro stop before the system prepares to launch in September


So what’s a short and worthy walk from the Business Bay metro stop? Well if Dubai had a centre it might just be here, as it sits smack bang in the middle of Burj Dubai and Jumeirah. And that means it’s surrounded by the best of everything – from fast cars to paddle boats, there really is something for everyone.

1 Safestway Supermarket: It’s just a short walk to this reasonably priced store, perhaps best known for its impressive stock of American products that are rarely found elsewhere in Dubai (Captain Crunch cereal, anyone?)
04 343 4590, 7am-1am daily
6 minutes walking distance from the station

2 Istanbul Flowers: This small Turkish restaurant is tucked away underneath Safestway. The food is cheap and cheerful, worth dropping in for a snack
04 343 4585, 12pm-1am daily
6 minutes walking distance from the station

3 Metropolitan Hotel: The Metropolitan is home to one of Dubai’s oldest Brit pubs, the traditionally named Red Lion. With ‘pub grub’, sports on TV and a beer garden it’s the perfect way for any UK types who miss the customary constant drizzle and grubby-carpeted drinking establishments to enjoy a taste of home. And let’s not forget Don Corleone, an 18-year-old Italian restaurant right out of a mafia movie, complete with red-checked tablecloths and a decent selection of cheap eats.
04 343 0000, Red Lion pub is open 12 noon-2am daily
9 minutes walking distance from the station

4 Grand Metroplex: A small, but reliable movie theatre showing all the new releases. There’s also a great café serving various foods from snacks to Lebanese mezze. Check out the popular shisha joint where people can have a post-movie discussion over a quick puff.
04 343 8383, Sun-Wed 12pm-midnight, Thu-Sat 10am-midnight
10 minutes walking distance from the station

5 Safa Park: For wide-open spaces, Safa Park is the place to go. There are 158 acres of grassland and trees, an impressive boating lake and a tranquil pond that makes you feel a million miles from the dust and construction of Dubai. A great place for a picnic.
04 349 2111, 8am-11pm daily
10 minutes walking distance from the station

6 House of Cars: We might be in a recession but it never hurts to look. A mouth-watering selection of super-sleek boy’s toys, from Ferraris to Porsches, populate this showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road. Go for a gander – but leave the credit card at home. You don’t want to be tempted.
04 343 5060, 8am-7pm daily
2 minutes walking distance from the station

7 World Black Belts Centre: Tam Khan moved from the UK to the UAE to teach Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Dubai, a sport that has quickly grown in popularity thanks to the success of Ultimate Fighting Championship. A mixture of striking and grappling techniques, it sort of looks like a bunch of guys hugging each other, but then maybe a few lessons here would teach us otherwise. Find it on the mezzanine floor of the House of Cars building.
04 343 4397 or 050 104 5008, Sun-Fri 5pm-10pm; Sat 8am-10pm
2 minutes walking distance from the station

8 Softball ground: Located next to the Metropolitan Hotel. There’s not much going on at this space during the summer months apart from a few crazies sweating it out in the evening, but there’s an extensive softball programme over the rest of the year. An array of leagues, skill levels and gender-specific teams means there’s something for everyone.
For more information call 050 651 4970. More leagues at
8 minutes walking distance from the station

9 Sea World: Set above Safestway Supermarket, Sea World is an interactive dining experience. Walk around various displays of fishy delights, pick your poisson and the way you’d like it cooked, and voila! – it’s on your plate just the way you want it. Theoretically, at least.
04 321 1500, Sun-Wed 12.30pm-3pm, 7pm-10.30pm, Thu-Sat 12.30pm-10.30pm
6 minutes walking distance from the station

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