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The experts discuss Foto Weekend by Gulf Photo Plus


This week sees the inauguration of a new event on the Dubai calendar: the four-day Foto Weekend by Gulf Photo Plus. Taking place at Dubai Knowledge Village from November 19 to 22, five international photographers will teach a total of 19 workshops and two lectures for budding photographers in Dubai, covering subjects from digital scrapbooking and studio lighting to the ins and outs of Photoshop. Here, Foto Weekend’s five photographers tell us more about some of their favourite shots and explain the technical secrets behind their photos.

Chris Hurtt for the Travel Photography workshop
‘I was on a job in Buenos Aires. As I walked down the street I was really taken with the motion and drama in Obelisco Centre. I imagined this would look pretty amazing from above, so I found my way up to a hotel balcony, in an area for use only by hotel guests. I knew I would have about a minute after setting up before I was thrown out. Sure enough, I was right, but 15 seconds was all I needed. I left with my one good frame and was on my way!’
The Travel Photography workshop is on November 21, 8.30am-4.15pm. US$225 (Dhs826).

Bobbi Lane for the Introduction to Studio Lighting workshop
‘In this dramatic portrait of up-and-coming dancer Vanessa Salgado, I wanted to highlight the beauty and grace of Vanessa by elongating her neck and having her eyes look into the light in the traditional Hollywood glamour style. The image has then been manipulated to desaturate most of the colour except her eyes, lips and dress, so that it combines both the classic feeling of black and white with the modern touch of colour.’
The Introduction to Studio Lighting workshop is on November 22, 8.30am-5.30pm. US$260 (Dhs955).

David Nightingale for Making the Most of the Curves Tool workshop
‘Of all the tools in Photoshop, my favourite is the Curves tool. It can add or remove contrast, change the colour balance of an image, and alter the saturation. In short, it’s a powerful tool that can be used to transform an otherwise dull and lacklustre image into something considerably more powerful. For this image, for example, I used a variety of masked curves to balance the sky to the foreground, add contrast, and tone the image.’
The Making the Most of the Curves Tool workshop is on November 21, 3pm-7pm. US$135 (Dhs496).

David Tejada for the Corporate/Industrial Photography workshop
‘I love creating images that give a sense of scale to a project or environment. Clever use of three small speed lights in this image help to draw the viewer’s eye to the subject in yellow. It’s fun to create images that look as though you just happened upon them. It’s a good example of altering reality to suit your artistic vision.’
The Corporate/Industrial Photography workshop is a two-day event. November 21, 10am-6pm and November 22, 6am-6.30pm. US$440 (Dhs1,616).

Robin Nichols for the Photoshop CS4 workshop
‘Photoshop is an awesome helper, because apart from simply making digital photos look better, it can also be used to create something that’s quite special. This is a composite image made from seven frames, all carefully shot then assembled in Photoshop to recreate the look of clever studio lighting.’
The Photoshop CS4 workshop is on November 21, 9.30am-5pm. US$240 (Dhs881).

Foto Weekend by Gulf Photo Plus is at Knowledge Village, November 19-22. There are 19 workshops and two lectures to choose from. Prices range from US$30 (Dhs110) for lectures to US$400 (Dhs1,469) for a two-day workshop. For more information and tickets, see or call 04 360 2365.

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