How do YOU stay cool in Summer

How do you survive summer? Time Out Dubai readers share their diverse tricks


‘Denial. Until August, if someone says it’s hot, I say: “Nah, it’s going to get much worse than this.” In September, I start every conversation with, “Hey, it looks like winter’s here.”’
Caithlin, 28, South African

‘I hold movie night stamina contests, in which I play endless movies and the last one to fall asleep wins.’
Daisy, 30, American

‘I have a summer make-up bag that I take everywhere, containing deodorant, travel-sized perfume and face powder.’
Sara, 32, Iranian

‘I put photos on my phone of snowy mountains and ice-cold drinks. When I’m outside, I look at them to make my brain think I’m in Austria.’
John, 33, Lebanese

‘I avoid wearing man-made materials and I have my nearest grocery store on speed-dial.’
Kate, 28, English

‘When walking outside, I find someone who’s using an umbrella and walk 2cm behind them, shielding myself from the sun.’ [Alternatively, to avoid getting yourself arrested, you could just buy your own umbrella.]
Adam, 31, Canadian

‘I gaze lovingly at photos of all the fun things I’ll do when the heat goes away.’
James, 27, Australian

‘I enjoy the idea that people in cold countries pay to go to saunas and we have the good fortune of being paid to live in one.’
Andrew, 33, American

‘Whenever I go anywhere, I arrive early to make sure I get a parking spot right by the entrance.’ Emeline, 25, French

‘I eat lots and lots of ice cream.’
Rebecca, 30, Australian

‘Two words: dry shampoo!’
Rachael, 28, English

‘I make like Jamie Oliver and try new things in the kitchen: friends and I have a dinner-party circuit.’
Alejandra, 28, Mexican

‘I go for long walks at the malls, but in the mornings before they get too crowded.’
Sybille, 49, American

‘I go to Bikram yoga – I get so hot and sweaty that when I head back outside, it actually feels cool.’
Miranda, 22, New Zealander

‘I spend the whole time planning my summer holiday. Just planning planning going to bed and then planning’
Joseph 26, Lebanese

‘I plan on watching three football matches a day.’
Inaki, 36, Spanish

‘Box-sets, box-sets, takeaways and box-sets.’
Richard, 31, New Zealander

‘I plan my day around the heat. If someone asks me to go to a meeting in the depths of Al Quoz at 1pm, I flatly refuse – no business deal is worth the amount of fluid I’ll lose en route.’
Edward, 39, Australian

‘Call me mad, but I go to the beach. If you stay inside for three months, you’ll go postal. Spend the whole time in the sea and it’s actually quite cool.’
Laura, 26, Canadian

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