Top tips for beach bums

Sunblock, letters from a lover and playing with your waboba


Read The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes (Hodder)
Moyes is known for forcing readers to break down and cry; this tale of love and loss is for anyone who has just suffered a break-up, or who is holidaying with the emotionally retarded who think weeping is anti-social.

Grab some mates and play with a Waboba
This is the most addictive beach game you’re ever likely to play. Stand in waist- or knee-deep water and throw the ball to your friend, bouncing it along the water as you do (note: we discovered that Wabobas aren’t welcome at Dubai’s more pretentious pool parties).
Dhs70, available at Go Sports, Ibn Battuta (04 368 5344),

Wear sunblock
Smear Natura Bissé Sun Defense Serum on your nose – it’s the area that always seems to get burnt. Also apply to feet and ears, backs of knees and eyelids – the sun has a penchant for those bits.
Dhs500, available at Paris Gallery,

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