Wild Wadi’s new rides tested

Adam Soppelsa checks out the Burj Surj and Tantrum Alley

Like anybody who has driven along Jumeirah Beach Road in the past six months we’ve been watching with increasing excitement as scaffolding around Wild Wadi has been getting increasingly elaborate.

On January 11, after six months of waiting, the rides will be open to the public. Time Out couldn’t wait so we’ve sneaked in for a first ride on Dubai’s newest attractions.

First, the names. The Burj Surj is the ride that could be loosely described as the replacement for the original family ride while Tantrum Alley is the thrill-seeking accompaniment to the Jumeirah Sceirah. Our suggestions of The Crashidiya, Barsha Harsher and the Al Queeze have been rightly ignored but we were happy that the names suggest we’re in for some water born terror. So how did they shape up?

The Burj Surj
After quickly shooting down a few corners you begin to circle what appears to be a cave shaped hole in the slide. Inevitably you are sucked into it before being dropped and racing off towards…the next cave shaped hole before being pelted out the end of the slide. While you are not fired up the slide in the same way as the original family ride there is the still a familiar sense of being flung around corners in a multi person bright yellow raft that the original attraction once offered.

Tantrum Alley
If ‘Burj Surj’ is fun then ‘Tantrum Alley’ is mind blowing. If you felt that the ‘Jumeirah Sceirah’ was the only truly thrill seeking ride in Wild Wadi, then a return visit is essential. This is the ride that houses the funnel-shaped slides we’ve all observed from Jumeirah Beach Road. To take the ride you have to share an X-shaped raft with three other riders. (We advise getting on with mates because you really don’t want strangers to see you scream at such close proximity). A slow start sets you off for the funnel and then the raft shoots up the side to what feels like 180 degrees before plummeting back down again and going up the other side. To say that you feel as though you are about to fly off the slide onto the road below is an understatement. We could almost see the whites of some drivers eyes and just hope they can’t lip read because our dignity went out over the sides of the rides. There is no time to dwell on your appearance, however as you’ll be quickly spun onto the next funnel to experience the same exhilaration. Tantrum Alley has a world record of three of these funnels and after a morning taking the slides we are looking at Dubai’s best multi-person ride.

These two rides are a worthy addition to the park given that these are the only rides in the park capable of taking more than two people and the expansion gives seasoned sliders more options than with the original family ride. Granted we were on a guided tour on a quiet Tuesday morning but the new rides should also mean that the queues for the rest of the park are shorter.
Adult Pass Dhs200, Child under 1.1 metre Dhs165, Open 10am-6pm every day. Call + 971 4 348 4444 or visit www.wildwadi.com. Wild Wadi is located on Jumeirah Beach Road between Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

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