Dino Live in Dubai

Dinosaur exhibition at Jumeirah Beach Residence

Large, roaring dinosaurs have invaded Jumeirah Beach.

Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Velociraptor - do any of these names make you jump up and down with excitement? Well, then you know where to go this weekend. You may have noticed the large, white tent on Jumeirah Beach and we can reveal that it contains huge, prehistoric lizards that make kids of all ages go wild.

As you enter the front tent you’re instantly met by a piercing sound of children screaming and loud, horrific roars. Yes, JBR has been invaded by dinosaurs.

Dino Live features over 30 animatronic life-size dinosaurs, made to bellow loudly and swish their tails just like palaeontologists believe the real reptiles did. One of the dinos you meet on your way through the exhibition is Triceratops. With the reputation of being the dinosaur world’s good guy, girls gather around this herbivore fellow – they think it’s nice to know that it wouldn’t eat you if you ever met it. From detailed information on one of the 42-inch screens that accompany each dinosaur we learn all sorts of useful facts about Triceratops, including that it was unlucky enough to live at the same time as much-feared predator Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Entering the giant zone the first thing that catches your eye is a ginormous 12 metres long and 6 metres tall T-Rex that makes even the hardiest of adventures catch a breath. Scientists believe that this bone-crushing monster could eat up to 500 pounds of meat in one go. With that in mind, standing face-to-face with the snarling T-Rex doesn’t make it hard to imagine how it would bare it’s long, sharp teeth, run toward you and swallow you in one, crunching bite. Further into the exhibition, in a lush shrubbery, a pack of ferocious velociraptors are bringing down a helpless prey and we notice that even the toughest school boys aren’t happy to get too close to these sneaky, little beasts. They certainly were nasty enough to be the standout monsters from Jurassic Park.

After these exciting, but bloodcurdling, encounters a few of the youngest kids will be relieved to visit the 3D cinema, while others will be piling into the gift shop for a dinosaur of their own to take home. Dino Live makes for an entertaining and educational trip millions of years back in time and tykes dreaming of a palaeontologist career will find this exhibition particularly adventurous.
Dino Live is open daily from 9am-midngiht until March 31. Entry costs Dhs50 for adults and children, an additional Dhs20 for the cinema. On weekends the best time to go is around 4-5pm as more visitors tend to stop by after dinner. Email info@dino-live.com or visit www.dino-live.com.

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