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We love you, Time Out fans, we really do. And when you love someone you want to get to know them, which is why we constantly endeavour to try to understand you through our online polls and magazine surveys, the results of which we often find truly insightful. So insightful, in fact, that we’ve decided to share them with you.

It turns out ‘you’, our readers, are a diverse bunch. Most of you have put on weight since moving to Dubai, many of you travel by taxi every day (perhaps not helping the weight issue) and nearly half of
you love ordering a curry for dinner (again, not helping!), but almost all of you loathe paying big bucks for a meal. While this isn’t a definitive guide to Dubaians, it is a guide to the day-to-day habits of those that matter to us most – our readers.

How old are you?
2% Under 18
9% 18-24
50% 25-34
26% 35-44
10% 45-54
3% 55-64

What’s your monthly income?
14% Less than Dhs5,000
23% Dhs5,000-Dhs9,999
18% Dhs10,000-Dhs14,999
14% Dhs15,000-Dhs19,999
9% Dhs20,000-Dhs24,999
6% Dhs25,000-Dhs29,999
4% Dhs30,000-Dhs34,999
3% Dhs35,000-Dhs39,999
9% Dhs40,000+

How often do you TRAVEL BY taxi?
34% Every day
27% Once a week
20% Once a month
19% Never

Where do your loyalties lie?
54% New Dubai (Marina, Old Town etc)
46% Old Dubai (Bur Dubai, Jumeirah etc)

How much would you expect to pay for a nice meal out for two?
35% Dhs100
48% Dhs400
15% Dhs700
2% Dhs1,500

Have you put on weight since moving to Dubai?
34% A little
31% Big time
19% No, not really
16% I've lost weight!

Where are you more likely to take visitors?
57% A beach bar
33% Somewhere high up with a great view
10% Back to the airport

What kind of VENUE would you frequent on a night out in Dubai?
27% Somewhere where I can socialise informally in a cosy, friendly atmosphere
16% A place with great live music
10% A place with friendly staff and excellent service
47% All of the above

The best view in Dubai is of…
45% The Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa
18% The Burj Al Arab
16% The Creek
15% There are no good views in Dubai
6% The Dubai street life

How often do you give to charity?
24% Once a week
18% Once a month
25% Every few months
15% Every year
18% Never

Do you use Twitter?
I have an account, but don’t use it much
21% All the time
21% What’s that?

Will you be going to the 2022 football World Cup in Qatar?
Just try to stop me!
29% No
22% I have no idea yet

Your favourite type of takeaway…
19% Fast food
17% Lebanese
15% Pizza
4% Chinese
3% Other
2% Thai

How often do you go to the cinema?
Every week, especially in summer
37% About once a month
19% Only when I’m really bored

Which sport do you miss playing most during summer?
19% Tennis
16% Running
11% I never stop playing sport!
11% Horse riding
9% Rugby
8% Cycling
6% Surfing

What would encourage you to go out more during the week?
Cheaper drinks in bars and clubs
10% More smoke-free spots
13% A later start the next morning

Youth hostel or five-star hotel?
A mix of both
22% Youth hostel all the way
22% Five-star and only five-star

How often do you visit a spa/salon?
Once a month, tops
26% Whenever I get a haircut, that's about it
26% About twice a month
13% Every week – I'm always in one!

How often do you go to the gym?
At least three times a week
33% At least once a week
25% At least once a year

Can you see beauty in Dubai's construction landscapes?
No – it's all rubble and rubbish
40% On a purely aesthetic level, yes

What’s the most important part of the clubbing experience?
The type of music
47% Having fun with friends
6% The DJ

Do you have a swimming pool where you live?
Yes, and it’s great
24% Yes, but it's poor
17% No, I don’t have access to one
1% No, but I sneak into the nearest apartment building’s pool

Why do you read Time Out?
I was looking for ideas for the weekend
21% The cover looked interesting
20% I buy the magazine every week
16% I wanted to read a feature in the mag
7% For the listings
3% I had a friend coming to town
3% I don’t know
2% I’m planning a special occasion

Dubai stats…

Official government figures tell us what’s been happening in the first half of 2011.

Total population of Dubai: 1.953 million
People in Dubai day-to-day (commuters included): 2.969 million
Marriage certificates issued: 2,031
Divorce certificates issued: 457
Number of buildings completed (from villas to high rises): 1,738
Passengers that have moved through Dubai International Airport: 24.56 million
Number of operating buses: 875
Total number of journeys made on Dubai’s buses: 48.48 million
Total number of journeys made on Dubai Metro: 28.98 million
Number of hotel guests: 3.62 million
Total vehicles registered: 2.074 million
See www.dsc.gov.ae for more.

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