Yas Waterworld guide

The ‘greatest waterpark in the world’ is found in Abu Dhabi

The Rides

The park is divided into four ‘thrill levels’: Adrenaline Rush, Exciting Adventure, Moving and Grooving and, finally, Young Fun. We’ve already picked out some of our favourites below but let’s start with the biggest, fastest and wettest – the five one-of-a-kind rides that have never ever been seen before in a waterpark.

Dawwama is arguably going to be the big highlight of the whole park. The main funnel customers find themselves zooming around inside is set 20 metres high and the ride itself will consist of one special craft that can hold six people. Imagine what it must be like to be whisked around a tornado and you’re somewhere close to the feeling the designers hope this feature will instil. It’s also the world’s first and largest hydromagnetic-powered six people tornado slide and, as if all that wasn’t enough for thrill-seekers, it’s also the proud owner of yet another waterpark record – the world’s longest run-in, at a mind bogglingly massive 238 metres long.

Falcon’s Falaj
Another attraction that will get punters salivating is this high adrenaline six-person raft ride. Clearly, they like to do things on a grand scale at Yas and this ride is no exception. At 300 metres, Falcon’s Falaj is officially the longest mammoth water coaster ride in the Middle East and its main objective is to make people scream. Given that it consists of so many twists, turns, rapids and drops it’s probably safe to say they’ll achieve that particular goal.

Bubble’s Barrel
One for the wannabe surfers out there, Bubble’s Barrel is a surf-able sheet wave and not only that it’s also the world’s largest FlowBarrel 10 Double which means there’s both a breaking wave on the left and right-hand so two people can ride at once. The wave machine pumps out a 3m high wave that’s powered by pumps generating 1,250 horsepower that push out an incredible 7,000 litres of water per second. That’s some serious power but if you’re keen on building up your flowboarding or bodyboarding skills then this is the ride you should be concentrating on. Expect to get dumped in the water a few times along the way though! World champion flowboarder, Clayton Barker will be on hand to do demos and offer some coaching.

Bandit Bomber
At 550 metres long, Bandit Bomber is the only suspended rollercoaster in the Middle East – in fact it’s the only water rollercoaster at all in the Middle East. It’s equipped with a number of four-passenger coaches all featuring a brand new seat and restraint design. It’s not all about just whizzing around the park though, because Bandit Bomber is also the first rollercoaster to incorporate on-board water and laser effects. With a capacity of 700 guests per hour, viewers can also enjoy the fun and excitement by interacting from below at the special zones such as the Jabha Zone – one of the Bandit Bomber’s interactive drop zones where guests can spray water on coaster riders as they zoom by.

Slither’s Slides
(see ‘Exciting Adventure’ level for details)
A maze of slides and tunnels numerous twists and turns amid spectacular special effects, the idea being that your adventure should never really be the same twice. Riders can select six different themes on each of the slides for 30 distinct experiences. Each ends in a splash pool, where you can expect to shoot out of a slide capped with a giant fanged snake head. Each ride will have the ability to accommodate double tubes encouraging family and friends to ride together. Throughout these slides visitors will encounter Slither and his serpent friends through themed interactive sculptures that spray water, LED light effects and 3D videos displayed within the slides.

Exciting Adventure level

Serpent’s Spin
After two sharp turns, guests will drop through a water curtain into the darkness of the bowl and spin around, lit only by tiny LED lights around the bowl’s periphery, before being ejected down into a landing pool.

Slither Alley
A gentle beginning gives way to a series of sharp drops and a water curtain, separating the dark section from the open-air part towards the end, which promises to surprise riders as they descend to the pool.

Slither Surprise
The slithery fun continues with this torturous ravine, which makes riders believe they are being tossed between rocks. It’s a real bumpy ride as you go through steep drops and oscillations where the gaps between the rocks are wider.

Snake’s Tale

Sound, light and chilled fog combine to give the rider the effect that he’s descended deep into torrents. Hold on tight because you’ll feel like you’re falling off your ring at the depth of the Jebel and then, before you know it, you’ll be thrown out into the bright light and a warm water pool.

The largest wave pool in the Middle East. With a giant pearl looming above, kick back and take in the alternating ebb and flow of the incredible wave patterns.

Yadi Yas
An action-packed wadi ride. Hold on tight to your tube to stay afloat as the pulse wave takes you on a fun and exciting adventure. Don’t think lazy river, think Crazy River!

A brilliant race to the bottom awaits. Launch headfirst and compete with your friends and family to the finish line, while keeping an eye on the stopwatch at the bottom. This ride is deceptively quick, and when we say quick we mean really, really quick!

Adrenaline Rush level

Liwa Loop
If you’ve ever fancied dropping straight into a high-intensity, waterslide now you can with Liwa Loop – the first and only looping waterslide of its kind in the Middle East.

Rush Rider
This endless sheet wave brings Californian-style fun in the sun to Abu Dhabi. Basically, it’s a huge machine that mimics being out there on the ocean waves. The Rush Rider is the ideal place for you to begin your flowboarding or surfing career.

Hamlool’s Humps
Three massive humps on this slide ride will have you feeling airborne when you go over them. It’s deceptive too – you’ll never imagine how long and narrow the ride is!

Jebel Drop
The platform for Jebel Drop is probably the best vantage point in the entire park. Don’t get too freaked by how everything looks so tiny from here. It’s such a long drop. Scary? Yes. Fun? Most definitely.

Moving and grooving level

Marah Fortress
Quite possibly the ultimate children’s playground with six slides, two dumping buckets, a water-shooting geyser, water cannons and tons of other interactive stuff for the little ones to get their hands on. The slides in this area will also allow adults to participate with their kids.

Young Fun level

A smaller version of the Marah Fortress for the slightly younger ones with lots of gentle slides and a dumping bucket. There’s plenty here to keep them entertained and amused.

What else is there?

The Souk
This is pretty much where your Yas Waterworld experience will start by soaking up soul and culture before moving onto the rides themselves. Expect everything from tasty snacks to cool souvenirs.

Inevitably you’ll want to stop all that racing around in the water for a bite to eat or a soothing cold drink. Here’s where you can hop off and get some grub before getting back to the water. There are seven venues dotted around the park to cater for all your (and your family’s) culinary desires.

Dana’s Diner (grills, snacks)
Location: In the Souk near the Bubble Barrel Flow Rider.

Chubby’s Kitchen (yummy snacks and sandwich bar)
Location: Next to the Bandit Bomber.

Salma’s Snack Shack (delicious juices and smoothies)
Location: Next to Tot’s Playground and Yehal Infants Pool.

Dhabi’s Ice Cream (ice cream)
Location: Close to the Dawwama tornado

Nasser’s Pastries (variety of pastries and Arabic delights)
Location: Near Marah Fortress.

Skinny’s Frozen Treats (ice cream and cold drinks)
Location: alongside Chubby’s Kitchen.

Gawat Nasser (Arabic delicacies)
Location: In the Souk.

Aside from all the rides there’s plenty of other things to do to keep yourself occupied in between getting soaked. From the themed products at Sultan and Sons through to Arabic spices and souvenirs at Ibhar Island to Tawasha’s Pearl Shop where you get to select your very own oyster, watch the pearl diver retrieve it and then have the pearl inside set inside custom jewellery options, there’s lots to keep you interested.

Ever fancied heading out on a genuine treasure hunt? Here, you can go on one that will take you all over Yas Waterworld searching for lost treasures, interact with magical creatures, fire water cannons and solve ancient puzzles.

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