Karama and Oud Metha

Welcome to Karama and Oud Metha.

What’s the area like?
While Karama is no longer a haven for budget seekers, it still has a lot going for it. Bakeries, cafés and supermarkets give Karama a neighbourhood fee. It isn’t uncommon for its central park to completely fill with families eating picnics. Oud Metha doesn’t have quite the same character, but has a large range of accommodation options. And there’s always Creekside Park, which offers some rolling green respite.

Karama is home to the city’s best supply of Indian food. Shopping is unpredictable and eccentric – the stores near the fish market continue to churn out well-rendered fakes and cut-price furniture. Wafi is close to Oud Metha and there’s an unexpected feast of food in the Lamcy area, with Thai restaurant Lemongrass and the mighty Fish Basket both highlights. The decrepit Al Nasr Leisureland provides an ice rink and several good-value licensed restaurants, with mega club Chi@The Lodge next door.

It has a central location and some of the best budget restaurants in town.

It is a long way from plushness, the smaller roads often get clogged up and it can get noisy – especially with the ongoing Metro work. Also, considering the cost of renting in Karama, many of the apartments aren’t in the best condition.

On the radar
Metro links to come in both districts. But other than that, this is not an area particularly buzzing with new developments.

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