Burj Dubai Downtown, Old Town and Old Town island

Welcome to Burj Dubai Downtown, Old Town and Old Town island.


What’s the area like?
If you want to feel like you’re living in a real-life version of Bladerunner, this is the spot to be. Located around the Burj Dubai (the tallest tower in the world), as well The Dubai Mall (the emirate’s largest shopping centre) this area is considered by some as the design world’s new frontier. Scale wise, at the least.

Although there are no schools, The Residences complex covers pretty much everything – supermarkets, pharmacies, cafés and salons as well as pools, gyms and squash courts. The nearby (ironically brand new) Old Town and Souk Al Bahar also offer hot shops and lots of restaurants.

Best for
Professionals, be they single, part of a couple or family.

The abundance of amenities, access to SZR, views of the big Burj Dubai itself, as well as the aesthetically pleasing Palace Hotel, the innermost location.

Traffic and construction still snake around the place like bad smog. As is Dubai-typical, the roads change every month for no apparent rhyme or reason.

On the radar
The Dubai Mall is opening, section by section, around the corner. Apparently parts of the area will soon be flooded, making way for water taxis too.

Average cost of a two-bed apartment in Downtown Burj Dubai To rent Dhs200,000–Dhs220,000 To buy Dhs5.8million

You'll still need to fork out a lot of dirhams to catch the beauty talk

Blue and white walkways have been installed in more places

Prepare for a 5km and 13km course at Dubai’s Jebel Ali Racecourse next month

HiU messenger is available for download for Etisalat customers

Get deals at restaurants including Zheng He’s and Palace Downtown

You’ll also get discounts at spas, bars and restaurants


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