Dance groups to join in Dubai

Community groups practicing zouk, jive and Lindy-Hop


Strictly Come Modern Jive
Founded at the start of 2013, this non-profit club is devoted to the art of modern jive, also known as ceroc, and other styles such as west coast swing, double trouble and blues. The group holds regular classes, nights out and parties at home, and welcomes new members. Visit the group’s page to get involved.

Lindy-Hop Dubai
Formed by a group of friends, united by their love of swing music and the Lindy Hop dance, this small society meets to socialise and teach one another new moves. They meet regularly to dance the night away at locations across Dubai.

Zouk Dubai
A rapidly growing style and community of dancers, Zouk-Lambada (also known as Brazilian Zouk) has emerged from Brazil, and is a close, almost-glued-to-the-hips partner dance – often described as a more sensual salsa, led with the hips rather than the hands. Every Sunday, the group meets at Savage Garden for classes from 8pm-10pm, followed by dancing until 1.30am.

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