Exotic ways to travel in Dubai

Take a limo or book a chopper for your commute


Book a cab through an app
This concept from Uber Cabs is a notch up from your regular Dubai taxi. Rather than ringing a central number and hoping the driver can locate you, this nifty service uses the GPS on your phone to pinpoint your location. Then the tech wizardry really starts to pay off. Rather than a run-of-the-mill Toyota you’re greeted with a leather seated Lexus, complete with free water and a wafty sense of superiority. When it comes to settling up, cash is also unnecessary as you can pay up through an online account that deducts the fare and emails you a receipt, which includes a breakdown of how many miles you’ve travelled. To access the service you need to download the app on to an Android, Apple or Blackberry phone and then provide your name, phone number, email and credit card details. It is admittedly more expensive than your average cab (there’s a 35 dirham minimum spend) but if you want to get from A-B as quickly as possible it’s hard to beat.
www.android.com, blackberry.com/appworld and itunes.apple.com. www.uber.com

Take a limo
If you’re the sort of ostentatious person that likes to rock up to an event or party and be the centre of attention then, unsurprisingly, Dubai can happily accommodate your ego (all you need are reasonably deep pockets). A black Hummer H2 with space for 20 passengers can be yours for an hour for Dhs700 from Dubai Exotic Limo. If that doesn’t quite cut the mustard there’s always the option to hire the rappers’ favourite – a Cadillac Escalade in a retiring pink, with room for you and 19 of your mates for the same price. Unique Limo also offers several cars, from Range Rovers to Hummers plus a James Bond-inspired, 20-seater vehicle with a 42inch LCD screen and a disco floor. Limo hire is becoming so popular in Dubai, there have even been reports circulating of kids getting a lift in one to school.
www.dubaiexoticlimo.com, www.dubaiuniquelimo.com

And more expensive
Book a helicopter

If a Rotana Jet or a set of fancy wheels to a meeting or concert in Abu Dhabi isn’t quite luxurious enough, you have one more option: you can take a helicopter. Heli Dubai not only does sightseeing tours around Dubai, you can also book one of its helicopters for business meetings. But you will need deep pockets. If you want to get a twin engine chopper to take you to the nation’s capital, it’ll set you back a whopping Dhs15,011 to take the 90 minute flight (and you can only book return flights). You’ll also have to fork out another Dh2,000 just to land (they only land at Emirates Palace Hotel). They’ll also take you to Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. www.helidubai.com

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