Are you paid what you're worth?

As inflation starts to bite we ask if you're getting what you deserve

As the cost of living in Dubai continues to spiral, and while specialists forecast pay rises to boot, we investigate what you should be paid – and find out how to get a little more from your boss.

Nearly half (48 percent) of Dubaians are expecting a pay rise before the year is out, according to recent research. Sound greedy? Not really, when you consider that 44 percent of those surveyed didn’t get a raise last year. Nor when you read that rental prices in the emirate have risen 30 percent in the past 12 months. In such a vibrant and volatile climate, perhaps it’s unsurprising that money worries are high on employees’ lists in the Middle East. In another study, also by, 45 percent of GCC residents admitted they quit their last job due to bad pay. But before you go cap in hand to your boss asking for a raise, it’s worth wising up on where you sit in the market.

Do you really know what you’re worth? Have you worked out what your mates and colleagues are on, and if so, why are they better or worse off than you? To help you work out if you’re unjustly underpaid or competitively compensated, we’ve researched the average salaries of more than 20 popular Dubai jobs. Then we’ve spoken to recruitment specialists about how to go about negotiating more money or a better package, and if that doesn’t work, how to get the best deal from a new employer. And to put Dubai in the global context, we take a look at what you might earn abroad, so you can get ahead before you go and have ‘the chat’.

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