Job benefits to ask for in Dubai

It's more than just money when accepting a job offer

According to’s MENA Salary Survey 2013, released in May, only 20 percent of UAE professionals receive just a basic salary, with 65 percent reporting extra benefits beyond cash alone. In fact, the prevalence of extra allowances and bolstered packages is so great that a third (33 percent) of employees say their basic salary package makes up just 51-75 percent of their take-home pay.

What should you ask for? Fifty percent of UAE employees are offered personal medical insurance, while 46 percent get a flight home – so if you’re not getting these, it’s worth asking why. There are more inventive perks you may be able to negotiate:

A flexible work schedule. If you are not getting the pay raise you’re craving, you might as well tailor your work timings to suit your life. Why not ask for flexi-time, or negotiate an earlier start to free up your evening?

Ask for more paid holiday time. If you’ve asked for a raise and not received it based on the company’s finances, you’re then in the driving seat to negotiate extra time off as a compromise.

Put forward the idea of sending you off for more training regionally or abroad. Argue the importance of expanding your current knowledge base to give you a competitive edge. Training sessions are also a great way to network, learn more about your industry, get exposure to current market trends – and potentially meet a better-paying employer.

While you might already have health insurance included, that doesn’t mean your package can’t be revised and improved to your benefit. If they’re not covered already, why not convince your employer to extend coverage to your family? Otherwise, ask them to consider adding dental or vision insurance.

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