How to mess up a request for a raise

Idiot ways to ensure you leave the boss' office without more cash

Sure-fire ways to ensure you will leave the boss’s office empty-handed.

1 Don’t ask for a raise when your department is down
Be very clear about how strong your negotiating position is. At certain times, positions or departments are less in favour than others. It may be that your whole division is being held up to close scrutiny due to poor performance, or that your own recent performance has been found waning.

2 Don’t portray your true feelings
As already mentioned, emotions have no place at the negotiating table. In a professional environment, keep the tone as such, the arguments objective and the end goal clearly in sight. Don’t take conflicting goals, disagreements or strong rebuttals personally. Tears, tantrums and thoughtless tirades will work against you.

3 And whatever you do, don’t lie
Outright lies and exaggerations, or fabricating the data you use to support your request for a raise, will usually be found out and is almost certain to backfire. Make sure all data points and arguments you use are accurate and can be substantiated. Employers don’t want a dishonest employee, so aim to sell yourself by highlighting your strengths and maximising your value to the firm.

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