Jumeirah Corniche guide

As Jumeirah Corniche nears completion, we take a look at the development

What to do while your're there

Get into Beach Tennis
Beach Tennis ME has a great setup on Sheikh Hamdan Beach, also known as Kite Beach. The sport is a fusion of beach volleyball and tennis, and uses rackets similar to those of padel tennis. Here, you can take a lesson in the sport, or grab your mates and hire a sandy court to play a few matches in. As you’re running around on sand, the resistance means each game offers a great cardio workout. There’s also a beach tennis fitness programme, plus the option to arrange birthday play parties and corporate team-building events.
Sheikh Hamdan/Kite Beach, www.btmesports.com (055 268 6090).

Keep your kit handy
No more bulky boats clogging up your garage or hallway – local watersports firm SeaYou hosts a storage facility at the beach, allowing residents to keep their kayaks, windsurfing gear, sailboats and more, right at the shore. While nearby operators offer kayak rental, SeaYou will be opening a test centre imminently, where prospective buyers can try out catamarans, dinghies, kayaks and more before buying them.
Sheikh Hamdan/Kite Beach, www.seayou.ae (04 420 6100).

Bike along the beach
While cycling is banned along the vast majority of Jumeirah Corniche, head up to Jumeirah Open Beach at the top of Jumeirah Beach Road, right next to Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa. Here, you can pedal along a dedicated track running approximately 1.5km in each direction, taking in the sea breeze and passing joggers on the adjacent path. Conveniently, there are also showers if you want to get hosed down before heading home (or into nearby bar Loca for a well-earned cold beverage and a bowl of tortilla chips and guac).
Next to Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah 1 (no number).

Snorkel near Sunset Mall
Make your way to the stretch of shoreline behind Sunset Mall for spots that are perfect for both picnicking and snorkelling. Relatively quiet compared to other sections of the strip, this area has a couple of little coves, defined by small rocky breakwaters that are ripe for underwater exploration – just make sure you stay on the inside to avoid any encounters with vessels.
Behind Sunset Mall, off Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3 (no number).

Visit Surf House Dubai
Formerly Surf Dubai, the revamped business offers all manner of yoga classes throughout the week, plus a shop selling new and second hand surf and paddleboarding gear, storage facilities for boards, surf and paddleboard rental (plus packages for groups) and refreshments. Staffed by a super-friendly bunch of fitness and outdoors enthusiasts, expect to leave with more than a few new mates under your belt.
Sunset/Umm Suqeim Beach, www.surfingdubai.com (050 504 3020).

Grab lunch at Barracuda
Feeling peckish? After all this surfing, beach-tennising, snorkelling and the like, of course you are. Sitting on Jumeirah Beach Road just behind Kite Beach is Egyptian seafood restaurant Barracuda (you should be able to spot the giant silver fish tail that sits on top of the building from the beach). Here, tuck into seafood that’s been bought from the market that very morning (so bear in mind your favourite fishy protein may not always be available) and cooked in simple, delicious style. We highly recommend an order of grilled cuttlefish, and the garlicky pesto-tossed tomato salad is the stuff of intensely flavoured dreams.
Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3, www.barracudarestaurant.net (04 394 0408).

Learn to kitesurf
One of the most popular sports of the past few years on Dubai’s coast (so much so that they even initially named the beach after it), kitesurfing is an exhilarating pursuit once you’ve got the hang of it. Dubai’s DuKite offers lessons and courses on Kite Beach, and also has a store in Umm Suqeim selling all the essentials for your new favourite hobby. Once you’ve had enough lessons to be set loose on your own, expect to make new friends on the sand.
Sheikh Hamdan/Kite Beach, www.dukite.com (050 758 6992).

Do a 13km hike
Gulf for Good, which organises challenges around the world to help raise funds and awareness for a whole variety of causes, conducts a regular group hike from Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa down to Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The next event takes place on Friday October 17, kicking off at 6.30am and maintaining a brisk pace. You don’t need to be signed up for one of the organisation’s events to take part, just keen to get some exercise and meet some new people. It’s a great way to explore the new development in its entirety.
Starting at Jumeirah Open Beach, Jumeirah 1, www.gulf4good.org (04 368 0222).

What is it?

Set to be completed in October, the Corniche is a Dhs100m project designed to revamp a 14km stretch of Dubai’s coastline, from Sunset Beach in Umm Suqeim, in the shadow of the Burj Al Arab, right down to Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa in Jumeirah 1. Featuring a boardwalk and jogging track, the new addition allows beachgoers to stroll almost uninterrupted, save for a small section between Jumeirah 1 and 2, where the strip is briefly briken from the new Four Seasons hotel down to Jumeirah Beach Park, resuming at the next public beach. Dotted along the route are showers, changing facilities, toilets, benches, shaded seating areas and small kiosks that will sell refreshments. At Kite Beach, you’ll also find watersports vendors, while Jumeirah Open Beach next to Dubai Marine Beach Resort also has a cycle track (cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding and any other sports are not permitted on the jogging track).

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