UAE Dolphin Project

Meet the organisation looking to protect the Gulf's dolphins

Having been monitoring Dubai’s coastline constantly for the past ten months, logging more than 150 hours on the water, this non-profit organisation has confirmed the presence of three species of dolphin in the emirate’s waters.

Indo Pacific bottlenose dolphins, Indo Pacific humpback dolphins and finless porpoises have all been observed, along with calves and juveniles, suggesting they breed in the region. Most of the sightings have been recorded very close to the shore. Humpback dolphins and finless porpoises’ preferred waters have been identified between the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Park, while bottlenose dolphins have been mostly observed off Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands.

Dolphin spotting tips:
● Keep your eyes open whenever you’re at sea.Don’t think dolphins are only offshore – in the UAE they are often sighted very close to shore.

● Flat sea is the best condition for sightings – when waves with white caps appear it can be difficult to see them.

● When looking at the sea, don’t focus too far away, and keep scanning the waters in all directions.

● If you see dolphins, be smart – limit your disturbance.

● Take pictures and report your sighting to the UAE Dolphin Project to be part of the research to protect the local population.
For more information and to download your own free species identification booklet, visit

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