Buying or selling a car in Dubai

New or second hand car sales in Dubai


Dubai’s love affair with wheels doesn’t stop at supercars and SUVs. In a city where petrol prices are among the cheapest in the world and pedestrian infrastructure is still developing, many choose to buy cars over walking, public transport or taxis.

There a number of reputable dealers selling quality vehicles at reasonable prices, or you can go online to sites such as and, plus most of the local press and their websites – such as 7 Days and Gulf News – have dedicated portals for buying used cars. Insist on a decent warranty and try to get the garage to include a service or check-up in the price. But to avoid getting ripped off, it’s best to buy privately when you know the market better. If you can, get the vehicle checked by an independent garage before you part with your cash. There are also plenty of large car dealerships to choose from, including Al Futtaim Automall, which is hugely popular across the UAE ( But always do your homework first no matter from whom you choose to buy a car, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Buying and selling from a dealer removes all the hassle of paperwork, but you’ll invariably get a better deal if you buy or sell privately – here’s what to do. You first need to ensure your full residence visa has been finalised. You and the buyer/seller will then need to visit the licensing department with a completed application form. You’ll need your passport and driving licence, the vehicle registration card, an insurance policy in the new owner’s name and a technical inspection certificate. If you’ve got a bank loan for the purchase, you might also need a no objection letter from your bank, which will cost you Dhs200 for light vehicles. If the buyer/seller is outside Dubai, the new owner of the vehicle must arrange for lorry transportation to the new location, which costs anywhere between Dh400 and Dh600. Visit for further information.

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