Giuliana and Bill Rancic in Dubai

US reality TV couple on Dubai, business, fashion and more

Hot seat

The US reality show couple sit down at Ski Dubai to talk new ventures, the UAE and their favourite celebrities. Interview by Chanelle Tourish

It’s your first time here in the UAE. What surprised you the most about Dubai?
Bill: I don’t think anything has surprised us. When we announced that we were coming here, a lot of people told us about the city. It’s exactly what they said. It’s absolutely spectacular, the architecture is incredible; the food has been amazing and the people have really been the best part of it. As soon as we stepped off the plane, the city welcomed us. It’s been that way literally everywhere we’ve been. So it’s definitely lived up to all the hype and our expectations.

Giuliana: One thing surprised me. I expected Dubai to be more focused on buildings, construction and architecture. I thought it was all about that. I didn’t realise there was so much to do – so many great restaurants and the beaches are amazing. There are so many activities to take part in. There’s a lot to do in this rather small area. There’s so much to do that we can’t even get it all done, we are going to have to come back. It’s incredibly cosmopolitan and forward-thinking. It’s modern in so many ways but yet it still has its traditional elements to it.

Would you consider bringing your son Duke here?
Giuliana: We regret not bringing him to be honest. We didn’t realise there would be so much for kids to do in Dubai. It’s a very family-friendly place. Bill wants to start Duke skiing. The penguins are here and he would have loved that.

You are in the restaurant business. Would you ever consider bringing RPM Italian to Dubai?
Bill: Yes. We were talking with some folks who showed some interest in bringing RPM Italian here and I think it would do really well. There’s a big food scene out here. We ate at the Fairmont Dubai a couple of times, which is really good, and we had dinner at Cavalli Caffé in JBR.

Giuliana: All of the food is really good whether you are at the beach or at a fancier restaurant.

Why did you bring your fashion line G by Giuliana here as a pop-up shop?
Giuliana: People here have great fashion sense. I’m from Italy and grew up in the US, so I have a very international mentality. I’ve always wanted to expand the brand and I thought that Dubai would be a great first place to do so. Like the people of Dubai, I like to think outside of the box. I love that people in this city think in a much more advanced way. Dubai is becoming more important in terms of fashion.
G by Giuliana is available at the Celebrity Pop-up Shop at The Beach, JBR as part of Dubai Shopping Festival.

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