Skydive Dubai to break records with Dream Jump

Skydive Dubai has announced plans for plunges from the Marina's Princess Tower

Next month adrenaline seekers will get the chance to do something never before seen in the UAE.

Skydive Dubai in association with Never Before Events have announced plans to introduce the Dream Jump experience to the city. Dream Jump Dubai, a part of Dream Walker Around the World in 80 Jumps expedition, is the first event of its kind outside of Europe, and will break world records.

To be held between the 13-19 April, Skydive Dubai athletes will plunge from 400 metres above sea level, from the 99th floor of the Princess Tower in Dubai Marina.


“Our athletes have consistently broken records because of their adventurous and thrill-seeking spirit. That is why, we are extremely thrilled to host the largest edition of Dream Jump in Dubai” H.E. Nasser Al Neyadi, Chairman of Skydive Dubai announced. “With a jump height of 400 meters, Dream Jump Dubai will break all boundaries of rope jumping as we know it and will enable athletes to experience base jumps against one of the most iconic skylines in the world.”

So what exactly happens? Dream Jump Dubai will use “multiple zip lines, totalling over 10 kilometers of rope” and are referred to around the world as bungee jumps without a recoil. It involves jumpers leaping off of tall structures while connected to a patented system of dynamic ropes and results in a long and safe free fall from any land mass or tower.

According to Thomas Zielinski a former high-altitude worker and founder of the latest rope jumping craze, “The patented braking system allows jumpers to land in a position similar as if a parachute had been deployed without experiencing the recoil as in Bungee Jumping".

The dream jump system allows jumpers to have a longer free fall distance than in a bungee jump and have full freedom of movement during a jump to experience different acrobatics while in free fall. The Dream Jump system is also used by Skydivers wishing to safely train for progression to base jumping.


In the past Dream Jumps have taken place in Greece, Zakynthos’ The Shipwreck Bay, France’s Grand Canyon du Verdon, Norway’s Kjerag and Italy’s Matera.

Skydive Dubai will give fans an opportunity to win entry for an exclusive Dream Jump experience via their social media pages. More details will be shared soon via Skydive Dubai’s social media channels.

At present the place there are three permanent Dream Jump locations in Poland with a fourth scheduled to open in June on the Island of Mallorca.

Due to the location of the dynamic ropes Dream Jumpers can jump from tall structures side by side with Base Jumpers something not possible in a Bungee Jump.

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