Jaden and Willow Smith interview

Hollywood siblings, Jaden and Willow Smith, on their clothing brand Msfts, growing up with famous folk and still getting starstruck

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You’re here for Dubai Summer Surprises. Tell us about your clothing brand Msfts?
When I was here last time with my dad we kept saying we need to make a Dubai song or piece of clothing. So I made T-shirts saying ‘Dubai’, ‘wisdom’, ‘peace’ and ‘love’ in Arabic.

You’ve grown up in Hollywood with famous parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. What’s the best advice they’ve ever given you?
Just to follow our dreams and our art. The world is a really big place and it has a lot of different people in it, but I just keep hoping we’ll inspire people. When I’m out with my dad, some people come up to me and be like, “Yo, this changed my life, and it did this…” so that’s a new goal for me; to inspire the world. I forget my parents are famous every single day. We didn’t know they were famous until we were like six.

Willow: Even if our parents weren’t famous, we’d still do everything we do. I’m just so grateful that they have that status so we can have a voice.

You must have met some interesting people over the years, do you get starstruck?
Yeah with Kristen Stewart it’s game over. If she walked in here right now, I’d have to take a moment to myself; take a walk. It’s like who would we not get starstruck by. We respect so many people, so when we see them, we be like “you’re awesome”. We get starstruck pretty much every day.

Willow: The one person I go crazy for every single time is Kid Cudi.

A lot of child stars grow up and go off the rails. Why do you think you’ll stay grounded?
We are second generation because our parents have done this. So they’d be like, “Here are all the things you don’t do that we experienced ourselves”. So we kind of have two lives because of them and we owe ourselves totally to them because of that.

Willow: There’s just a certain level of awareness there that comes when you meditate. Yoga for me just really grounds me to the earth, like here’s my body and it helps me have more spiritual experiences.

Jaden, you trained pretty hard for Karate Kid. Do you still do karate and has the sequel begun filming yet?
Yeah, I do. I just try to work out and keep practising. Obviously its really hard, but I try to keep my body in a place where it can just snap back into a full split. I will need to be able to go back there very soon. Maybe filming has begun… you’ll see… [laughs].

What’s next?
We are going to drop a full album and come back to Dubai to perform it.

Willow: I make music because if I don’t, my emotions will literally just explode.
For more on Jaden and Willow Smith’s music and fashion projects check out www.msftsrep.com.

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