World's most popular Twitter accounts

Eight of the 10 most-followed twindividuals in the whole world have been to the UAE in recent years. Our question is – when are Obama and Taylor Swift coming?

The most followed person on Twitter uses the account to send pics and messages of love to fans – known as KatyCats. She also uses the account to exclusively sell a Twitter fragrance and shared pics of herself with a camel on a visit to Dubai.

Despite being one of the most anticipated concerts ever staged in Dubai The Bieber’s trip to the Emirates was not a constant success. He arrived to stage two hours late, was ‘attacked’ on stage by a fan and then refused service in Movida due to being underage. He did make time to tell us he was chilling with some fellas as well, so not all bad then.

Yes he has a country to run and global politics to get involved with but if he has time to build up the world’s third largest Twitter following then he can spare an afternoon to pop over to Dubai for a quick selfie in front of the Burj Khalifa

Rihanna’s star continues to rise and we have a hunch she could be back on these shores again before too long. After an early concert in Dubai was cancelled Riri went on to cause controversy when she was asked to leave an Abu Dhabi mosque on a later visit to
the UAE.

Why hasn’t Taylor Swift been to the UAE yet? Promoters, venues and money men take note – this is the gig fans want. As one of the biggest music stars in the world right now there could only be a few venues large enough to host the gig (Sevens ground, Media City Amphitheatre, du Arena in Abu Dhabi) but this would be one incredible show.

Not afraid to court controversy, we were not sure what to expect when Lady Gaga came to the UAE in September 2014. All other visiting pop megastars should take note her social media while in the city was a lesson in how to be a gracious, class and warm guest. This pic and post in particular impressed us.

There seems to be little the entertainer can’t turn his hand to. Singing, dancing, acting, presenting and a decent career on the fringes of the comedy world as well. He has been a few times to the UAE and on his last visit the country had made such an impression he was still tweeting about it three days later when he was in Istanbul.

Ellen DeGeneres DID come to Dubai. We saw her. She visited The Act in the Shangri-La with frIends for a quick holiday during a break from filming her TV show. It was not an announced visit and the trip did not make it onto her social media – next time you come Ellen, say hi.

It seems an age since Britney Spears visited Abu Dhabi for the F1 Weekend gigs in 2011. Back then she had just passed the 10m followers mark and is now the most followed mum on Twitter. You’re welcome any time Britney, come back soon.

The most followed sportsperson in the world (more than 14m ahead of next best Kaka) seems to have a penchant for Dubai. When not appearing at a promotional event or playing in a friendly fixture he has been known to have a holiday break here.

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