Tried & Tested: Spun masterclass at Candylicious Dubai Mall

Trick or treat! With Halloween on the way on the way, Time Out Dubai got into the spirit of things by learning how to make our own candy

If you're a bit too old now to be trick or treating this Halloween, perhaps you'll find the fun in making your own sweets to fill bags with on October 31?

The Promise
Become a master at making your own sweets. You’ll learn to make hard candy and lollipops in one hour.

Step by step
We’re served a welcome drink on arrival - which is handy because all the kneading ahead is thirsty work - before donning a Spun Candy apron, special heat-proof gloves and a hair net. Students are then video-briefed on the science of confectionery, including health and safety instructions - followed by a demonstration by the expert Spun Candy-makers. It’s not long before we construct own creation.

While the experts heat up the sugar mix on a stove in the corner and pour it onto a cooling table, we’re warned to stand back at that stage as they add our choice of flavour, strawberry, bubble gum, lime or even a mixture of two if we like. But it’s not long after that we get stuck and add our colouring. For a red rose with green leaves for example, we add as many drops of as we need of red to one side of the liquid and mix to achieve that hue and repeat on the other side with a new tone until we’re happy. Making sure to leave a gap in the middle so the two colourings don’t blend, we’re told how they import the natural colourings from their store in London’s Covent Garden.

Next the dough-like mix is sliced into two and the colours are massaged to appear even. All that’s left is to pull the sugar into strips and cut with scissors to create strips that we twist and press around sticks to create flowers. The same process is used for the leaves except we carve detail into the sugar before applying to the sticks.

The result
We manage to get the hang of moulding our sweets into the correct shape (our flowers didn’t look as in full bloom as we’d have liked at first). With practice and some tips on technique from the staff we improve and even experiment with unconventional colours.

The staff wrap up our creations in a pretty presentation tied with a ribbon so we can take them home as gifts.


It’s not really something you can do at home as you have to have all the correct equipment such as a candy thermometer, heated table and separators to hold to the sugar mix in place while cooling. So once you learn, you’re somewhat limited in what to do with your new talent next.

Parents can enroll their children aged 10 to 15 years old in a 60 minute masterclass starting from Dhs99 per child. Masterclasses for adults start at Dhs139 per person.

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