Quit your job, become a... Chocolatier

Isabelle Jaouen, 53, Owner of Forrey & Galland talks the tempting world of chocolate

When did you fall in love with chocolate?
I have always been fascinated by it. We were raised in a gourmet family and my grandmother always made us discover new flavours.

Is Dubai a good place for your business?
The city is so vibrant and is the birthplace of so many great concepts. Forrey & Galland is a defunct French luxury chocolatier that actually belongs to my husband’s family. We thought there was no better place to revive the legacy.

What’s the best bit of your job?
Creating new seasonal collections and brainstorming ideas with our designers, florists and chefs.

The biggest challenge?
The pressure of satisfying people. It is difficult to capture peoples’ attention initially and consistently.

Are you like a real-life Willy Wonka?
A little! One must have a creative mind and a little eccentricity goes a long way.

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