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You don't need us to tell you the importance of social media. Instead we'd rather just give you a polite nudge in the direction of our channels and let you know that on them you'll find all the latest Time Out Dubai news and information, handily packaged for whatever timeline you want.

Facebook will share with you the pick of our brilliant content - and even the pick of other people's - throughout the day, but will never spam you with repeat posts and stuff which simply doesn't interest you. It's also where you'll find cool pictures and videos celebrating our wonderful home. Which brings nicely onto Instagram....

Now, we're new to this, but thankfully with more than a decade of experience in Dubai, and a whole team of intrepid reporters out and about on a daily basis, we know how to take a good photo. What you won't find on Insta is random pictures asking you to 'check the link in our bio', because we know you won't. Seriously, has anyone ever done that? We know Instagram is a great tool while you're procrastinating, and we're confident we've packed our channel with some amazing original images for your quick viewing pleasure. And what's more, you can tag your own posts #timeoutdubai and we'll feature the best.

Last but not least, there's Twitter. Want to know the latest relevant news first? Then look no further. We'll deliver concert announcements, celebrity appearances, special events and other breaking news that will affect you right there and then. We'll even have a few competitions to keep an eye out for, as well as timely content we think you can make use of there and then.

So there you have it. Head on over to any one of the useful channels to ensure you make the most out of your time out and about in Dubai.

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