Biggest and best videos of Dubai in 2015

Time Out Dubai looks back at the biggest and best videos of Dubai in 2015, according to YouTube. Featuring Dream Jump, JetMan and Dubai Police cars

Dubai doesn't really need much help being put on the map. But every so often it gets a little shot in the arm by a viral video set in the city.

In 2015, several tried to make the grade, from stuntmen walking on sky-high cranes, to people with pets doing the funniest things. But one million views just isn't enough these days, you need figures in the multi-millions, which is exactly what these five videos got.

So kick back, relax and enjoy some truly mesmerising footage from 2015. 

1. Spirit Of Dubai. Views: 25 million
An advertising campaign by Visit Dubai has been the most viewed YouTube video about the emirate in 2015. An all-encompassing, one-minute long video celebrating the most popular aspects of life here, it has clocked more than 25 million streams following its publication in September. Titled 'Spirit Of Dubai', the burst of shots of everything from the skyline to the Dubai World Cup, and a falconry show in the desert to scubadiving in Atlantis, comes with a child reading an emotive speech.

2. #HelloJetman. Views: 20 million
Within minutes of XDubai publishing their latest awe-inspiring footage of Jetman, the story had been picked up all over the world and was well on the way to becoming a record-breaking video. Showing both Yves Rossi and Vincent Reffet flying in tandem with an Emirates airline A380 over The Palm, it has clocked almost 20 million views in just one month.

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3. Dream Jump. Views: 10 million
Another breathtaking offering from XDubai was the wrap off the Dream Jump stunt at Princess Tower in Dubai Marina. Over the course of two weeks earlier in 2015, stuntmen and women from around the world converged on the 100-floor tower to leap from a specially erected platform; queue one of the most powerful and stunning collection of base jumps ever captured on film. To date, it has been viewed 10 million times.

4. World Record Eagle Flight. Views: Five million
In March, Freedom Conservation broke a world record for the highest record bird flight from a man-made structure when they released Darshan The Eagle from the top of Burj Khalifa. What made the feat all the more spectacular was the footage Darshan provided via one of the world's smallest cameras attached to its back. The extraordinary bird's eye view perspective made news around the world. It has been viewed more than five million times.

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5. Luxurious Super Patrol Cars, Dubai Police. Views: Four million
The brilliance of the Dubai Police patrol cars are as famous as the city they call home, with Ferrari FFs, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and Bugatti's all part of the most expensive fleet of official cars on the planet. And in February they went viral. Shot to look every but like an action movie trailer - and even borrowing a sample of the Drive soundtrack - the 90-second clip went viral in February and has to date clocked almost four million views.

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