Quick guide to Al Awir Fruit and Vegetable market

Time Out Dubai profiles Al Awir Fruit and Vegetable Market in Dubai, one of the best places to buy fresh food in Dubai, and a good place to visit

Hi, where are you taking me this week Time Out?
Fruit Market.

Ooh, I think I’ve heard of this place. It is the new lounge concept with strawberry-shaped couches and passion fruit-scented bathrooms, right?
No, it’s a fruit market.

Luxury spa?
No, it is an actual fruit market. What are you failing to understand here?

Some sort of pop-up shop?
Are you serious? There’s a fruit market in Dubai and it’s awesome. Let’s go to Al Awir and check it out.

You want me to drive all the way out to Al Awir to buy fruit that I could get in any supermarket?
No, of course not. That would be crazy.

Thank goodne…
It has tons of vegetables as well.

I’m obviously not getting any luxury out of you today so I’m in. How much is tons?
Literally tons. This is the sort of place you can get a ton of Iranian tomatoes for about Dhs1,850.

Woah, that is crazy cheap. But I don’t need a ton of tomatoes.
If you’re not bulk-buying then at least make the most of the variety.

What are we looking at?
Half the time we’re not sure. There are crates of fruit and veg that we don’t recognise.

Who buys this stuff then?
Don’t be surprised to see the city’s best chefs purchasing produce.

Oh, really?

That’s right. The market offers fruit and veg that is just about as fresh as you can get in Dubai and the prices and variety attracts culinary professionals like milkshake to a yard.

So you’re saying it’s just for serious foodies?
It is and it isn’t. You can get the country’s freshest fruit and vegetables and expand your culinary range with flavours and tastes. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures are a delight and you can enjoy an authentic experience unlike any over-sanitised supermarket or mall.
Off Al Awir Road.

Only at Al Awir Fruit and Vegetable Market:

You can get the Filipino fruit, durian here. The world’s most divisive fruit epitomises the notion of love it or hate it. It smells, most people agree, like sniffing rotting onions off dead, wet sheep, but fans claim the taste is like a creamy, almond-flavoured cheesecake.

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