Quick guide to Dubai Knowledge Village

Time Out Dubai has a quick guide to Dubai Knowledge Village, including things to do, places to eat and the universities there

Knowledge Village – is this another one of Dubai’s themed housing developments?
No. But it is another one of the Dubai favourites – a free zone. In fact, it claims to be the world’s only free zone dedicated to human resource management and learning excellence.

What does that mean?
Basically it is a giant campus for universities, colleges and training facilities to open with favourable business rates. From internationally recognised institutes to independent skills providers, it is an impressive concentration of learning facilities. The clean and modern campus often feels a bit sleepy, but we put that down to solemn diligence of the students.

Actually that sounds amazing. What’s there?
Universities from Middlesex, Saint-Petersburg, Bradford, Wollongong, Michigan State and Murdoch are all present and offer degrees ranging from media studies to computer science.

Yeah, I’ve already done that thanks. Is it all full-time study and higher education then?
Actually there are 400 training providers and lots of them offer skill top-ups for different industries. Many places also offer different types of lessons and courses for people looking to expand their minds.

Now you have me interested. What sort of thing?
The Eton Institute (www.etoninstitute.com) is a language training centre that is a frequent Time Out favourite. French, Spanish, Turkish, English, Swedish, German and Arabic are among the languages you can tackle, and there are regular “culture” evenings dedicated to the food, language and traditions of different countries. Or you can go to the London College of Make-Up (www.londoncollegeofmakeup.com) to master advanced beauty techniques or get the skinny on how to do brilliant zombie special effects for fancy dress parties. Training does not have to be career-driven. Sign up for a cooking lesson with the prestigious McQueen’s culinary institute (www.mcqueens.ae) and the benefit could be an advanced patisserie certification or simply a lesson in great cake-making.

Only in Dubai Knowledge Village

Where you find a heady concentration of students you will always find restaurants and nightspots willing to tailor promotions to attract their frivolous ways. Relive your student days, or at least aim for a frat party vibe, at Story Rooftop Lounge’s sporting brunch. It features drinks pong, with other challenges to enjoy, along with Peruvian food.
Dhs299 (house beverages). Fri 12.30pm-4.30pm. Holiday Inn Express, Dubai Knowledge Village, www.thebrunchbunch.me (04 365 991104 365 9911).

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