Introducing Zarooq Motors Sand Racer supercar to Dubai

Time Out champions local talent, and here we are introducing Zarooq Motors Sand Racer supercar to Dubai, the first supercar capable of a desert safari

Introducing Zarooq Motors Sand Racer supercar to Dubai

If you thought you'd seen it all on the roads of Dubai, think again, because an engineer from the UAE has produced the first supercar capable of carving up both the dunes and the tarmac.

Known as the Sand Racer, the Zarooq Motors custom-build is the first production car built and assembled in the UAE.

And it comes with the hallmarks of what we love about our cars right here in the Middle East. It looks the part, imposing yet stylish, and bursting with originality while borrowing the very essence of what makes sports cars great.

Boasting a rear-mid mounted V6 engine delivering 300hp, it packs plenty of punch through the hand-built racing chassis. And best of all, the two-seater vehicle is totally road legal.

Zarooq describe their groundbreaking model as 'definitely a racing car; it's aggressive, imposing and yet very agile. It is high perched on powerful suspensions and the massive wheels are a distinct Off-Road attribute while the body itself inspires speed and modernity'.

And as you might expect when spending up to Dhs920,000 (there are different models, the top spec of which is the Zarooq 400 with a VQ35HR, coupled to a sequential transmission with active racing suspensions and Brembo brakes), the company offer custom tweaks to the interior.

They include: infotainment, off-road equipment (LED bar, winch, onboard tire inflator, winch etc), unique performance and suspension enhancements, bespoke finish and car personalization, local homologation kits, and paddle shift.

The car itself as actually the first part of a hugely ambitious project for the firm, who hope one day to created a race track, championship conpetition and industry for similar vehicles.

The track element is still in the design stage, but the company's official website reveals all the relevant details. A new landmark for the emirate, the design of the circuit can be seen to spell 'Dubai' in Arabic when viewed form above.

'Our track features superior safety equipment (like a road track) on the side of the road, ambulance on call, professional lighting, and sand is trated to avoid dust issues', a statement reads. 'The sand circuit has all the amenities for corporate clients (from obviously superb and clean facilities to catering and meeting rooms). Tourists are welcome as well, with training and arrive and drive products to discover the secrets of sand racing technique.'

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