Floating Seahorse villas in Dubai - a complete guide

Time Out visits the Floating Seahorse villas in Dubai, on The World Islands. See pictures, and find out about renting the luxury villas and their cost

1 The “Floating Seahorse” villas are part of The Heart of Europe
The first of Kleindienst Group’s 131 Floating Seahorse villas is in position at its The Heart of Europe project on The World islands, and it’s the epitome of luxury, extravagance and awe-inspiring architecture. When complete, each three-level underwater villa vary in layout and size, but will have all cost around Dhs11.7 million to put together. Opulence comes at a price.

2 They’re inspired by yachts
Proudly designed and developed in the UAE, the Floating Seahorse takes inspiration from the design of a private yacht – it’s essentially considered a boat without propulsion. The villa is surrounded by sea and boasts an underwater level (the bedroom), a sea level (the living room) and an upper deck (the al fresco lounge room and snack bar). This sought-after holiday retreat (or weekend escape) is made of interior design dreams: ceiling-to-floor glass doors, a neutral colour palette, teak wood panels and clean lines throughout the villa.

3 the concept is a little bit like serviced apartments
Think of this as a really posh hotel room, but with every bit of comfort of your own home. Expect a microwave, oven, dishwasher, fridge, LED mood lighting and a fully equipped kitchen. The two bathrooms are accessorised with Bottega Veneta toiletries. For the plunge pool lover, there’s a glass-bottomed Jacuzzi/whirlpool that doubles as a skylight on the living room’s ceiling below.

4 You get to sleep with the fishes
The underwater bedroom is the most unique feature of the Floating Seahorse. This cosy room features three built-in closets and a queen-sized bed facing a glass wall of marine life. Treat it like your entertainment when you’re on board (as you can choose not to have your TV installed). A team of marine biologists are working towards creating an underwater coral nursery to complement each of these villas. While the schools of fish are frequent visitors, every piece of coral has been rescued from the Dubai shoreline (where they would have been destroyed due to constant activity) and re-installed to the villa’s structure.

5 You get staff, too
Each villa will have a private butler service as well as 24-hour audio-visual security, so no wandering boat can crash your party.

6 They’re all tethered to St. Petersburg
This particular island in The Heart of Europe (which also comprises five others – Monaco, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Main Europe) will boast a jetty that will connect all the floating villas and a heart-shaped piece of land featuring 300 varieties of tree. There’s already a 1,500-year-old Mediterranean olive tree and banyan trees on site, which, after summer, will be planted in their designated spots.

7 The Heart of Europe promises climate-controlled streets
Despite the temperatures soaring to 48°C on mainland Dubai (only 4km away), the streets of The Heart of Europe will always remain balmy and tropical. According to the developers, you will be able to see snow, rain, hail and sunshine all year round, as the streets will be controlled to reflect the weather in Europe.

8 Authenticity is paramount
Home sickness, be gone. Because these islands will not have your regular Michelin-starred restaurants and bars. The Heart of Europe will represent 51 countries, as far as food and drink is concerned, and will only host authentic restaurants from each of them. The waiting staff and ushers will be exclusively employed from their home countries, too.

9 Dirhams will not be accepted
A very surprising and intriguing revelation about The Heart of Europe in the UAE is that, even though it’s only a 30-minute boat ride away from Dubai’s shoreline, it’s not going to accept any dirhams. You can only pay in euros here.

10 It took 5,000 hours to research and develop this project
And a further 13,000 hours to invest in its design and engineering.

11The city views are ace
Being the king and queen of the underwater world might be your thing, but the sea level and upper deck provide uninterrupted views of the Dubai’s skyline.

12 The engineering is cutting-edge
This project is set to change the game of engineering. These 180-tonne floating villas will receive data and power via jetties from neighbouring islands. They will also have on site portable water tanks.

13 The first villas are being handed over later this year
The first 50 Floating Seahorses are scheduled to be completed and handed over in October this year.

14 There are still a few available to buy
More than 60 of these villas were sold last year to buyers from across the GCC and Asia. The current price is somewhere between Dhs10 million and Dhs12 million. However, if you want to rent the property, you’ll have to budget in Dhs10,000-25,000 per night.


In Numbers

The Heart of Europe explained

The number of kilometres the Floating Seahorse is away from Dubai’s coastline. The Heart of Europe is part of the The World islands development.

The amount of dirhams in millions you’d need to afford the starting price for a villa. Hurry, there are only 21 left to snap up…

The number of hours for which the nightclubs will be open. There will be a nightlife strip that will remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The total number of countries that will be represented on the continent of islands, both in architecture and in food and beverage outlets.

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