Review of Al Zeina in Abu Dhabi

Time Out has a review of Al Zeina in Abu Dhabi for you, including restaurants, shops and advice on what to do

What’s happening this week, Time Out? Surely you’ve run out of exciting excursions by now?

Not at all. Abu Dhabi is a gift that keeps on giving. Have you heard of Al Zeina?

Isn’t that the residential area near Al Raha?

Exactly. Al Zeina is a residential and retail development built over seven “precincts” with a total of 1,221 units. It’s got a massive range of shops, food outlets and open walkways for everyone to enjoy. It’s more than just a good place to live.

Sounds nice.

It’s better than nice. It also has luscious gardens and dancing fountains. And did we mention there is a gorgeous beach, too?

Sweet! So I should bring my swimsuit then?

Absolutely. Al Zeina has a 500 metre sandy beach, but best you take advantage of it once the scorching summer is over.

What I really enjoy is food.

Yes, we know. If you’re in a rush we suggest you swing by the local Nando’s for its world-famous chicken. Otherwise, we highly recommend Andiamo if you’re into gluten-free pizza and pasta. The pasta is made daily, the sauces are blended from scratch and the pizza is cooked in the large open kitchen.

So do the people who live there dine out every night?

Nope, it’s still possible to curb the urge to become caught up in the luxury lifestyle.

I’d definitely opt for the luxury option, but okay...

A Waitrose supermarket opened for residents to stock up on fresh foods and convenience goods, so those kitchens are being put to use. Dinner party alert!

Wow, it must be really nice to live in Al Zeina.

Yep. The community’s townhouses consist of spacious one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments and sky villas, some with private courtyards and pools. There are also swanky beach villas looking out to Yas Island across the private sandy beach. It’s all pretty glamorous.

Life goals!

Yes, it’s what we call one of our “Abu Dhabi life goals”.

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