Seaplane flights in Dubai

Jump on board a seaplane and you can see a side of Dubai you have never seen before

People moan about Dubai all the time. Not a day goes by without somebody complaining that our desert city does not have enough, or there is too much, of this or that. But even the moaners would have to admit that from 1,500 feet, fl ying high over the length of this crazy metropolis, Dubai looks pretty darned cool.

Taking off from Jebel Ali, a 30-minute ride on the seaplane is a thoroughly enjoyable way to get some perspective on Dubai. Finding the Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa from which it departs can be a bit disconcerting – while an undeniably lovely venue, it really is in the middle of nowhere – but the main aim of your journey is well worth the taxi driver’s quizzical looks. A quick neck and shoulder massage before you board is an unexpected, but much appreciated, surprise, and then it’s up, up and away.

Swooping over the Burj Al Arab and Sheikh Zayed Road, the passenger begins to appreciate that what surrounds them on a daily basis – cutting edge design, exceptional feats in modern engineering, all those things you take for granted – are actually incredibly impressive. It is hard to believe, while jetting over such a buzzing expanse of activity, that it was once bare and barren desert. The Burj Dubai is too tall to fl y over – you fl y around it – and the Gulf spreads beneath you, an almost impossibly tranquil pool of green-blue. It is simply stunning.

OK, so the minute your feet touch the ground it’s back to reality. But even on the long ride home, there are remnants of the excitement you felt up there, that this is an interesting place to be in an interesting time. The seaplane lets you look at Dubai anew. Moaners, book your ticket now.

Dhs895 per person, reduced rates for children, departs Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa., 04 369 7378, 088 6262

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