Radio in Dubai - meet DJ Ross Crist

Time Out discovers a little more about radio in Dubai - meet DJ Ross Crist, whose jobs in Dubai include sports presenter on Dubai Eye and Dubai Sports TV

Ross Crist
The sports commentator is a regular on Dubai Eye and Dubai Sports TV

Growing up in Pittsburgh were you destined to be sports-mad?
Black and Gold runs in my blood. As early as I can remember I was following all the Pittsburgh teams. It’s not really a big city, but it certainly has lots of success.

What was your first sporting memory?
Going to a game with my father. I was pretty young and full of energy and grabbed my father’s reading glasses and broke them. He wasn’t a happy camper.

What is the most exciting part of being a sports broadcaster?
I like getting a chance to talk to players and pick their brains. Athletes are amazing individuals and I like to find out what makes them great.

What was your strangest interview?

I was in India last year and was asked by a local sports station to do some interviews for them. Most of the people they brought me didn’t speak any English. I didn’t quite understand why I was doing the interviews but it was still a blast.

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