Dubizzle’s 10 most bizarre listings

People really tried to sell these things on the UAE classifieds site

We all know you can find a right bargain, and spend hours trawling through the hundreds of thousands of listings on classified ads website Dubizzle. The second-hand online portal has become something of a Dubai institution, with almost all residents cruising its annals at some point or another, be it for furniture, a new car, jobs, or anything in between.

But what are the strangest listings you’re likely to find online? Well, we put it straight to them, and challenged Dubizzle to highlight their ten most bizarre listings.

1) An actual, real airplane
For a cool Dhs16.5 million, you could bag yourself a 1978 Boeing 747 airliner. Somwhere hidden away in Barsha Heights, have fun picking that up and towing it down Sheikh Zayed Road.

2) A car for free for anyone who will take care of it
Perfect learner car, maybe? Maybe not, but again, have fun towing that down Sheikh Zayed Road. Oh, and it’s not really free – there’s a Dhs3,500 security deposit required for this old banger.

3) A 2011 bulletproof CEN B6 Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser
Just in case you’ve really annoyed the wrong person, this indestructible Land Cruiser will see you right for your getaway. Apparently it’s just Dhs1,000, which is either an absolute bargain or a massive typo.

4) A flux capacitor
If you’ve been waiting for that final piece for your DeLorean for goodness knows how long, this flux capacitor will probably do the trick. Fire up this bad boy and transport yourself back to the 1950s. Just Dhs100,000 and its yours.

5) A golden pacifier
Keep the baby quiet and looking fabulous with this golden dummy. Only Dhs3,500.

6) A load of plastic bottles
Like you, we love the feeling of getting home from a long day at work, whacking on the air-con, kicking our shoes off and getting comfy on a massive pile of dirty plastic bottles. Right? Live the dream for Dhs1.

7) A golden frog figurine
Because why not? This chilled-out little fella allegedly brings crazy good luck to all it touches. There’s a good chance the owner is just trying his luck by posting it for Dhs3,672,950. Quite how he got to that number, we don’t know, or why he needed to sell it if it brought him that much luck. Or why he has a golden frog that’s worth a few mill in the first place.

8) The light cycle from Tron
This isn’t a fake. The motorbike from Tron (powered by a Suzuki 996cc engine) is a totally road-worthy, street-legal beast, upon which the rider lies horizontal and zips around being totally Tron. And for Dhs165,000 it’s about 25 percent cheaper than the now-discontinued models retailed for.

9) An… amphibious limo?
Yup, that’s a thing, and you can buy it. It’ll cost you Dhs15 million, but it’ll be totally worth it.

10) A Pokémon Go account
We’re pretty sure Pokémon Go was created with the aim of getting screen-addicted children off the sofa and into boring old reality – albeit a real world augmented with Pikachu and Squirtle, making things a bit more interesting. What’s the fun in doing it yourself though, when you can just buy a successful account and pretend that you did the work yourself? Dhs1,500 will buy you that faux brag.

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