DWC checklist

It’s one of Dubai’s most fun days out. Here’s what to take with you, to make your Dubai World Cup memorable for the right reasons…

Dubai World Cup is an entertaining day out but, as with every mission, a survival kit is what is needed to make your day run smoothly. Here’s what you should have in yours…

1 Sunscreen
No, you’re not on the beach, but you are in a very exposed field with very little shade. Apply one layer at home then take some extra cream with you to top up - unless you want some very dubious sunburn lines.

2 Phone credit
If you’re a pay as you go-er, stock up on credit for the day as there’s nowhere on site to top up. Plus, there are so many people in a small place, it can take a while for your calls and texts to get through so you could find yourself ploughing through the dirhams trying to track down errant friends.

3 Sunglasses
Another essential item, unless you want to spend the day squinting, are a nice pair of sunglasses. They sound like the kind of thing you’d never forget in Dubai, but it’s worth making a mental note anyway.

4 Flip-flops
No need for the boys, but ladies would be wise to take a flat shoe. This Time Outer has spent many a World Cup hobbling around on the grass in heels. By the end of the day, when it’s time for the taxi scrum, those heels just aren’t funny so chuck a pair of flats in your bag and feel smug come sundown.

5 Plasters
Again, grass and heels make for a painful foot rubbing combo so pack some plasters. You’ll be the most popular lady on the field once word gets out you can save your fellow females from blister trauma.

6 Cash
Yes, sounds stupid, of course you need money, but don’t rely on using your card. The bars and stands are all cash, and drinks are pricey, so bring more money than you think you’ll need.

7 Camera
When else does everyone get their best frock or suit on, apart from weddings? Exactly - so don’t forget your camera. World Cup pictures can become the stuff of legend in Dubai, so make sure you get some good ones.

8 Dress up
Seems like an obvious one, but Dubai’s so casual it’s easy to forget. The dress code is lounge suits or national dress for men. Modest dress is recommended for women. Ladies are encouraged to wear hats but you can get away without one.

9 Arrive early
Gates open at 2pm but there is always a queue so get there early to avoid melting in the heat as you wait to get in. Admission to the International Village will be by bar-coded tickets only through Gate 7 or 8. Tickets will be scanned on entry. Race-goers wishing to exit and re-enter the International Village can do so from either Gate 7 or 8, but must ensure the ticket is scanned by the exit personnel and rescanned again on entry.

10 Be prepared
Nobody wants to predict disaster but we all lose stuff from time to time. A Lost and Found booth is provided in the International Village and will be open until 12:00 midnight. For enquiries about lost or found items after race day, contact Dubai Racing Club on 04 3270077.

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