Dubai’s brilliant new mobile plan

Virgin mobile’s ‘recommend’ service delivers the flexibility you’ve been waiting for

Ever feel like you’re not getting enough value from your mobile and data plan? Spend more than you’re actually using each month?

Well, Virgin Mobile, the recently launched mobile brand from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has just launched Recommend, a brand-new service that helps you set the most cost-efficient plan for your needs. In short, it’s the service pretty much all of us have been waiting for.

Once you’ve joined Virgin Mobile, Recommend will suggest the best plan for you based on what you use. The recommendation will arrive just a few days before you’re due to renew so that you have time to select the best plan and save money.

Launched in September, Virgin Mobile is the first fully digital mobile service in the region. Completely app-based, customers can switch their numbers over without visiting a store, track their data and minute usage in real time, set up monthly spend limits, and even search and choose their preferred mobile number.

Virgin Mobile is a monthly subscription service. That means you don’t have long-term contracts with fixed prices every month. Virgin Mobile’s plans offer total flexibility and make customers’ mobile lives as easy as possible. Going on holiday? No problem, just use the app to change your roaming plan quickly and easily. It really is as simple as that.

What more do you need?

Find your SIM inside this edition.

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