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Christmas is a busy time of year. With so many presents to buy, shops to visit and dishes to cook, it can also be a fairly stressful and expensive period. While Virgin Mobile can’t go out and pick up your stocking-fillers, it can make your day-to-day life that little bit easier. For starters, you don’t need to visit a customer service centre to get your SIM card set.

So in the spirit of not having to worry about a thing with your new SIM, we put it to our readers, and asked them what they definitely won’t be saying this holiday season. And we had some brilliant responses.

I'll just sleep on Christmas #saidnooneever

I wish to gain a lot of weight this Christmas #saidnooneever

I don’t need any gifts this Christmas #saidnooneever

I'm so glad that a volcano has erupted and ruined my Christmas holiday that I have saved money for and been looking forward to for months. #saidnooneever

i’d rather have sprouts than roast potatoes on my christmas dinner!! #saidnooneever

Not gonna eat any sweets this Christmas #saidnooneever

I’d love some more Christmas pudding #saidnooneever

December is the best time to save money. #saidnooneever

I’m sticking to my low-calorie diet on Christmas! #saidnooneever

Christmas parties are boring! #saidnoooneever

Other gems we unearthed include:
“I love trying to find parking at the mall on Christmas Eve #saidnooneever”

“Forgetting to buy one of my parents a present is such a great feeling #saidnooneever”

“Don’t wake me up on Christmas morning #saidnooneever”

It’s all another way of wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

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