Dubai expressions

We take a look at Dubai's most overused expressions. Familiar? You've been here too long


1 ‘Dubai is a bubble; you can’t stay in it forever.’

2 ‘Oh, my family bought a house there too.’

3 ‘Where do you want to order from today?’

4 ‘It’s just like Ibiza/Vegas/Paris/New York/London here.’

5 ‘Tell me.’

6 ‘Long distance relationships are so hard.’

7 ‘You’re a stewardess? I love flying!’

8 ‘Well, it started with a brunch…’

9 ‘Prada, Prada, Prada. Louis Vuitton?’

10 ‘So, when are you planning on leaving?’

11 ‘Traffic BIG problem/Oh, sir! Deira, too much traffic!’ (All from taxi drivers).

12 ‘If you think it’s hot now, then just wait till summer.’

13 ‘Sorry I’m late – everyone on Sheikh Zayed Road was slowing down to look at an accident.’

14 ‘You absolutely must try the carrot cake.’

15 ‘Sorry, no change? Sorry, I am new’ (Again, from taxi drivers).

16 ‘Of course, it was far, far better here 10 years ago.’

17 ‘I was at Left Bank the other night and saw [insert B-list holidaying celeb’s name in here].’

18 ‘How big’s the pool?’ (Because there’s no need to ask the property agent if the apartment/villa has one already).

19 ‘U2 really ARE playing here this year.’

20 ‘Oh, don’t worry, there’s usually a little man who comes round and does that for us.’

21 ‘Oh, that’s so Dubai’ (to justify spending loads of money on a dress, shoes, bag, etc).

22 ‘That AC is freezing.’

23 ‘I’d give up but it’s just so cheap for a pack out here.’

24 ‘I feel like I’m living in The Truman Show.’

25 ‘Good afternoon Sir/Ma’am.’

And five you won’t ever hear…

1 ‘The driving here is just exemplary.’

2 ‘My favourite month is definitely August.’

3 ‘I’m glad they’re building an extension to Mall of the Emirates.’

4 ‘I love the deep sense of culture and history that you get when in JBR.’

5 ‘I miss being taxed.’
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