WATCH: taking on the Power Rangers

Team Time Out travelled to Comic Con to take on the Green Ranger, AKA Jason David Frank

During the mid-1990s, millions of kids around the world sat, fixated on TV screen, staring on as the Power Rangers saved the world from Rita Repulsa once again.

When Tommy Oliver’s Green Ranger lost his powers, it was heart-wrenching. But he re-emerged as the White Ranger, and all was good with the world again.

When we found out that Jason David Frank, the aforementioned Mr. Oliver, the original Green Ranger, and latterly the White Ranger, was coming to Dubai to be involved with the 2018 Middle East Film and Comic Con, which took place recently, we had to get him in involved with our latest video shoot.

This was one opportunity we were never going to miss, so we rounded up the Time Out gang, got in to full dress up (sort of) and travelled en masse to DWTC, where we came face-to-face with the man himself.

We fought, we laughed, and, to his credit, he got fully involved in what was a pretty weird interaction with a big kid dressed up as Spider-Man and a poor excuse for a Na’vi from Avatar.

Watch the full video below to see how it went:

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